Galway Bay’s 14th annual Celtic Music Feis spans 6 days at 3 venues

By Scott D. Johnston For GH Newspaper Group The Celtic Music Feis…

  • 1 day ago


Fungi for all at Mushroom Festival at Lake Quinault

The 15th annual Mushroom Festival will be held at the Lake Quinault…


7 things to post on social media when your feed gets you down

Social media can be an endless scroll of tragic headlines and heated comment sections.

  • 2 days ago



Gerald Francis Lake

Aberdeen resident Gerald “Jerry“ Francis Lake passed away at Grays Harbor Community Hospital on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017.

  • 24 hours ago


Sylvia M. Michaelson

Sylvia Mae Michaelson, 102, passed away peaceably on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, at her home in Aberdeen, Wash.

  • 24 hours ago



Was the fall of Rome a biological phenomenon?

We should beware of the sinister ability of pathogen evolution to thwart our cleverest weapons.

  • 24 hours ago


NFL owners engaged in window dressing over protests

Some NFL team owners are driven by the ruthless pursuit of profit, and black bodies are their stock in trade.

  • 24 hours ago


Grays Harbor High School Football LIVE

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