Commissioners and covid vaccine

I read in The Daily World on Sept. 9 that the three Grays Harbor County Commissioners voted not to require Covid-19 vaccinations for county employees.

I cannot figure out what this is all about.

We know our hospitals are so filled due to Covid infections that people cannot get in for needed surgeries. We know that our hospital workers are on the brink of collapse. We know the people, including our children are contracting this deadly disease and many dying from it.

We also know that the vast majority of people contracting the disease are non-vaccinated and few who are do not get sick enough for hospitalization. We also know that the only way to control the pandemic is for a majority of people to get vaccinated!

I realize there is an insane resistance to telling people what to do with their bodies, except when it comes to pregnancy, but how can elected officials who are sworn to uphold the health and well-being of their constituents so completely fail to do their job?

The death and suffering of those who fall ill can be directly placed on the shoulders of so-called leaders like them.

Linda Orgel