Good, local news coverage

I read the articles in The Daily World on Aug. 25 and wanted to comment. These are the kind of articles we like, telling us about local happenings.

I was working for Dineen Shake and Shingle the day of the cannery fire. The mill was located across the street from the fire and no one even knew there was a fire because of all the noise the mill generated until someone stepped out and saw the fire trucks.

Of course, all of us rushed out to see. That was one very hot fire. The building was old and drenched with fish oil and burned hot and fast. I remember a man on a fork lift trying to retrieve whatever he could from the building. He finally drove down to the dock with a pallet of canned fish. The firefighters were fighting the fire from the dock.

The fire was too hot and fast to do anything else. I did not know the name of the cannery until reading your article.

Also, I learned about the other park named for Major General Bargewell and his service to our country was a huge plus. The park is well deserved for our native son. The article telling us about another native son, Colonel Arthaud was well written and informative.

Where else would we get this information without our paper. These kind of articles are the reason my wife and I subscribe and will continue to get our local paper.

Clyde and Sylvia Brown