Big Baby and the triumph of corporate America

Now comes the latest major lobbying organization to throw its weight around.

  • Jul 17th, 2018


Trump is misjudging China’s resolve on trade

Rather than bringing China’s leadership to heel, the extra duties are likely to prompt a digging in of heels.

  • Jul 14th, 2018


Nothing in the Constitution gives Kavanaugh a pass on explaining his views

The idea that a nominee may refuse to answer questions rests on three premises, none of which have merit.

  • Jul 14th, 2018


Will Trump choose Russia over NATO?

For once, it seems like President Donald Trump isn’t interested in winning.

  • Jul 13th, 2018

A teacher’s experience with the kids on our doorstep

I got to know these young people during my job as an English as a second language teacher and department chair.

  • Jul 13th, 2018

It’s time to talk openly about suicide prevention

There is an approximately one in 10 chance that you or someone you know will attempt to end their life.

  • Jul 11th, 2018

The real test for Kavanaugh: What kind of judge is he?

There will be time enough to explore the nominee’s views and record. Let’s step back a bit and get some perspective on the national debate we are about to have.

  • Jul 11th, 2018

Come on, Obama, get in the game

Former President Barack Obama has largely floated above the political fray instead of actively leading the anti-Trump brigade.

  • Jul 10th, 2018

Who will be the next House speaker? No one knows

Battles for the No. 3 job in the federal government are well under way within both parties.

  • Jul 5th, 2018

Nothing more patriotic than standing up for US values

Some may think it unseemly to pollute Independence Day celebrations with politics.

  • Jul 5th, 2018

Portland protesters do no favors

Protesters must recognize that lawlessness harms their cause and obfuscates the message they are attempting to share.

  • Jul 3rd, 2018

This is America. Do something about it

If your help ends at thoughts and prayers, I don’t want them. What I want is action.

  • Jul 3rd, 2018

Let’s get on with it and fit Trump for a crown

By Markos Kounalakis McClatchy Washington Bureau Wow! Did the Supreme Court just…

  • Jun 28th, 2018

Three ways to defeat dysfunction on Capitol Hill

There are several reasons to hope that change could finally be on the horizon.

  • Jun 27th, 2018

Civility is important in a democracy. So is dissent

A Virginia restaurant’s refusal to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other recent incidents have sparked a big debate on civility.

  • Jun 27th, 2018

Koko’s death reminds us what it means to be an exceptional human being

Koko, the signing gorilla, made me uncomfortable. She was too intelligent, too intuitive, too human. I was wary of her, yet in awe of her.

  • Jun 27th, 2018

Want to change police abuse laws? Here’s a pro tip: Stop shouting everyone down

By Erwin Chemerinsky The Sacramento Bee Shouting down speakers is inconsistent with…

  • Jun 25th, 2018

Why imprison immigrants at all?

By Christina Fialho Los Angeles Times The Trump administration, shamed by the…

  • Jun 25th, 2018

Walsh not chairman of county GOP


  • Jun 25th, 2018

Still waiting for a gerrymander fix

The Supreme Court once again passed up a historic opportunity to finally put some limits on partisan gerrymandering.

  • Jun 21st, 2018