Conniry, Hayes and Daugherty for OS council

Friends and neighbors in Ocean Shores. Once again, we are in the midst of another negative campaign season and I hope you will consider some facts.

The issue of the golf course sale is not real. That three candidates are currently running on that issue alone points out that they have nothing important to say. Does any sane person truly believe that knowing what an important amenity the golf course is (to golfers and non-golfers alike), that the residents of the city will silently stand by and watch this administration sell off the golf course to build homeless shelters?

What’s next?

Selling the elementary school to a religious cult or the freshwater ways to a hagfish hatchery?

The residents who live on the golf course would seriously consider suing the city and given our current administration’s stellar track record with lawsuits, they would win. The council meetings would be endless, as residents vied for their time at the podium to rant. Never mind the check writing that would need to happen after the lost lawsuits.

Let’s stay focused on what we truly need: sidewalks and crosswalks for our residents and visitors; the city to take responsibility for the care of the fresh waterways; a fire break to protect the hotels and homes along the dunes as well as a multi-use dune trail; and taking a measured approach to development within the city.

Fining lot clearers, and then waiving the fines is not the solution.

Bottom line. There are people who care about the city and those who want power. Please consider Susan Conniry, Patrick Hayes and Patrick Daugherty as candidates for the council. All three of them care deeply about this city, what they are seeing happen and have an action bias to get these issues truly resolved.

Bryan Kern

Ocean Shores