The Lost Book of Remedies Review – Does It Work? UPDATE

In the last few years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of people who are using alternative medicine for various ailments. There are now numerous books and websites that claim to provide information on alternative medicine. In addition, many people are turning to alternative medicine because they don’t want to take drugs that can have harmful side effects. In this post, we will review The Lost Book of Remedies and share with you what customers are saying about this book.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a collection of traditional herbal remedies, spanning from ancient times to the present. It’s an easy-to-read and accessible book that covers the history of how these remedies were developed. You’ll also learn how to make your own herbal remedies at home, as well as how to prepare them properly.

There are many different types of alternative medicine, from acupuncture to homeopathy to chiropractic to yoga. Many of these modalities have been proven to work, but many others are not backed by scientific studies. This book is an excellent resource for people who are interested in learning how to use the natural world around them for healing purposes. It is full of recipes and remedies that are tried and true. The book is packed with information about herbs, plants, and fungi and includes detailed instructions on how to make these remedies.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a physical or digital book that details wild, natural plants and their uses and functions for overall human health. Generally, the book is an encyclopedia that gives the details of each natural plant, its description, functions, and proper usage so people can find alternative treatments.

What is the Lost Book of Remedies?

The book contains the medicinal plants that are native to North America and the recipes for making these medicines. It is a comprehensive guide that includes the uses and properties of each plant and their medicinal benefits.

This book provides a holistic approach to learning about natural plants. It covers topics ranging from the history of the American Indians to the use of these plants for overall health and wellness benefits. You’ll learn about some of these plants’ most common uses and healing properties.

However, we are still limited by our understanding of the human body and its ability to heal itself. Modern science is providing us with new tools and techniques to help the body heal itself, and some of the most effective medicines for disease prevention and treatment are based on the knowledge of plant compounds.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a unit of 304 pages with excellent print quality, which is resistant to outdoor elements. Besides, The Lost Book of Remedies is among the higher rated books on the market because of its usefulness. It ranks high in terms of credibility because it’s a product of two well-known personalities.

The book was published in 2018, which makes it a new and genuine source of Native American traditional medicine knowledge. It is a compilation of the most important information about Native American traditional medicine from various tribal communities, including Navajo, Hopi, and Cherokee.

The Lost Book of Remedies contains over 300 pages of information about the herbal wildlife that has been provided by Mother Nature. It also contains information about how to use these remedies to promote overall health and wellness.

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, and many have been studied and researched. For example, ginkgo biloba is known to boost brain power and improve memory.

This book is an excellent reference for anyone who is interested in alternative and traditional remedies, and it’s also a great source of information about homeopathy.

The book is based on years of research and the results of the study are based on an extensive amount of data.

Key Details About The Book
Name The Lost Book of Remedies
Genre Guide To Herbal Medicine
Authors Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian
Description This book contains remedies involving common plants and herbs that can be used to treat wounds and mild diseases. You can learn how to create medicinal solutions with the help of these remedies.
  • Helps in identification of plants (contains images)
  • Detailed information about recipes of the remedies
  • Cure for everyone
  • Bonus Guides
  • The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden
  • Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook
  • Price $37 + shipping
    Money-back Guarantee 60-day satisfaction guarantee

    The Lost Book of Remedies: Organization

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a unique digital resource for herbal medicine. It includes information on over 181 commonly used herbs and how they can be used as a medicine.


    This book includes a Medicinal Herbal Reference Guide that lists plants in alphabetical order with their medicinal uses. It also has a list of herbal remedies that can be used to treat common ailments and injuries, as well as a list of natural home remedies that can be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

    This book is organized by medical issues, which is a great way to find information on a specific topic. For instance, the digestive system is one of the most complex systems in the body, so you can find many different topics within that category. As for the appendix, it contains helpful information such as plant descriptions, common and scientific names, and links to additional resources.

    The author has designed this book to be an easy-to-use reference book for those who want to learn about plants. The table of contents is organized by species, so users can scan the plants based on their common names and scientific names.

    The table equally gives the groupings of the plants so users can find plants based on their categories like Shrubs, Trees, or Backyard Plants. It also provides the About the Authors section, which gives more information about the writers. From there, it proceeds to a Medicinal Herbal Reference Guide, which is essentially an appendix that arranges plants according to their medical uses.

    If you want to learn more about the benefits of using a certain herb for your health, you can simply type it into the search bar, and you’ll be taken to a page with information about the herb. This is a great way to learn more about a subject you are interested in.

    The Lost Book of Remedies was created in a similar format as the physical book, but it is a digital book that can be read on a computer or tablet.

    What’s in The Lost Book of Remedies?

    The Lost Book of Remedies has been written for people looking to improve their daily lives with simple, natural, and practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

    The book is a collection of remedies from various cultures and traditions. It includes ancient herbal remedies, Native American medicines, Ayurvedic treatments, homeopathic remedies, and traditional Chinese medicine. The remedies are presented in a very user-friendly manner and are divided into chapters based on their types. Each remedy is written in simple language and includes pictures that illustrate how to use the remedy.

    Here is a brief review of what is inside The Lost Book of Remedies:

    Food Recipes and Preservation

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a simple guide to creating and storing foods that have been lost over the years. The book teaches the reader how to preserve foods in various ways using simple ingredients and equipment.

    The book includes recipes for making and preserving meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, herbs, and spices.

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a system that allows you to easily store and preserve foods without having to buy expensive equipment or spend hours in the kitchen. It offers practical advice on how to keep food fresh and nutritious for a long time.

    Food preservation was an important part of life back then. The book contains an excess of quick and nutritious recipes used by Native Americans of the olden days under economically feasible conditions. The recipes were easy to make and would last for a long time.

    Water Preservation

    We need to preserve our water sources, and we can do this by using different methods. One of these is water preservation. This method helps us use the water we have left and store it for future use.

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a unique and very useful book that gives readers valuable information on how to store water for efficient usage.

    Shelter and Storage

    Shelter is crucial. You need to be able to feel safe and comfortable inside your home. This is especially true when you have children. When we build our homes, we should think about how we can make them more comfortable and welcoming places for all the people who live there.

    In the book, Claude reveals the secrets of his ancestors’ “lost” architecture and shares their methods of living in small spaces.

    Trap Making Techniques

    In times of crisis, we all need to learn how to protect ourselves. Whether it’s from disease, natural disasters, or even from human beings, we need to be prepared for all eventualities. The Lost Book of Remedies teaches the art of trap making, which is a way to ensure a constant flow in the food chain and train people to protect themselves in times of crisis.

    Common Medicinal Remedies

    Many people are unaware of the many traditional remedies that exist, but if you are suffering from a minor ailment, you could easily find a solution by searching for it online. But what if you are suffering from a major illness, such as cancer? In this case, you would need to consult a traditional healer or a physician familiar with these remedies.

    Common medical remedies are inexpensive and easily available. There are several herbs that are known to be effective against certain ailments, such as eucalyptus oil for colds, and peppermint for digestion problems. You can grow your own herbs in your garden or buy them from a local health food store. They are also available online.

    This book is an encyclopedia of herbal remedies that can be used to treat common health issues.

    The book offers detailed information on the use of medicinal plants in treating many ailments, including skin diseases, respiratory tract infections, digestive problems, mental illnesses, and even some cancers.

    Most people think that only doctors and pharmacists can prescribe medications, but this is not true. You can also learn how to make your own herbal remedies.

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a comprehensive collection of over 550 remedies originally used by people from around the world. Some of these remedies have been used since antiquity but have been lost or forgotten.

    What Does The Lost Book of Remedies Teach Us?

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a guide to practical ways to use the natural world to help you live a healthier life. It’s a book that provides an array of techniques to help you become more self-reliant and a source of inspiration to live a happier and healthier life.

    This book helps you understand how to control the situation and find alternatives for health matters. It will help you identify the right plants to use when you need to clean your house, avoid using chemicals, and how you can get rid of bad smells. It also gives you some ideas about how you can prevent some diseases, such as multiple Sclerosis, that target the nerves.

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a collection of stories, poetry, and art that tells the story of Native American medicine ways. It is the result of my work with Native American elders who shared their wisdom with me. The stories and images are inspired by the legends, myths, and medical teachings of the Native American medicine people. They teach us about the sacredness of the natural world and how to honor it.

    The Lost Book of Remedies teaches people to be practical about what they have around them in modern times. Our ancestors used plants as medicines to survive, using what was within their reach to address various health and wellness issues. The Lost Book of Remedies makes people wiser with practical advice on how to tap into nature for health benefits.

    The book is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to be able to understand their body and how to keep it healthy and in good shape. It contains information about nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other topics that can help people avoid getting sick and living a long life.

    It’s about native remedies, including the medicinal uses of herbs and healing methods for various illnesses. It is a book about the indigenous peoples of North America and the traditional remedies and treatments they have used for centuries.

    How Does The Lost Book of Remedies Help?

    The Lost Book of Remedies is a practical guide that helps people separate good plants from bad ones. With the advice therein, users can easily prepare herbal alternatives and improve their lives. The book is packed with dozens of insights from the authors, which can help users utilize the recipes and plants effectively.

    This book can be used as a reference guide for all kinds of emergency situations. It has everything you need to know about first aid, from minor wounds to broken bones and burns.

    The Lost Book of Remedies contains a lot of information that is helpful for modern-day living. It helps the reader understand the world around them while also teaching them to be more self-sufficient. The information is presented in an easy-to-read format that is accessible to everyone.

    Lost Book of Remedies Review: The Conclusion

    The Lost Book of Remedies is an illustrated book that reveals how Native American knowledge of traditional medicine can be used to improve health, wellness, and other aspects of life today; it is a perfect addition to your reading list if you are keen to enhance your knowledge about plants and shrubs.

    Buy this book from its official website and learn how to use herbs to prevent various health issues.



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