Medicinal Garden Kit Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Has the idea of pursuing an all-natural approach to wellness ever occurred to you? Not sure if it would help you achieve better health? The general public has been left wondering what the true need is for lab-created medicines as research on all-natural medicine expands. People might question whether certain treatments are helpful for minor health issues, even though a handful of them are required for survival (in the worst-case scenario). For instance, is it advisable for people to take Tylenol whenever they experience a headache?

An herbalist, biologist, and anthropologist, among others, places greater value on plants because they are believed to contain potent properties that can be used to handle the more manageable daily challenges first. The case of Nicole Apelian is exceptional because she used herbs to treat a condition that Western society had deemed incurable. Interested in finding out how she transformed from a bedridden person to a healthy and active mother of two? The purpose of this review is to introduce the Medicinal Garden Kit.

What is the Medicinal Garden Kit?

The purpose of the Medicinal Garden Kit is to give people the tools they need to start a medicinal garden in the convenience of their own backyards. Nicole Apelian, the kit’s creator, is absolutely convinced that doing so will enable everyone to take control of their health, just as she did to manage her multiple sclerosis (MS). This kit, in our opinion, is as complete as it gets, given that the expert selected all of the seeds for ten herbs, which are accompanied by a free medicinal guide. Growing plants is one thing, but Nicole Apelian believes that making sure they are used properly and safely should be greatly prioritized. In light of everything, let’s disassemble the kit to discover how a common background can be transformed into an all-natural pharmacy.

What does the Medicinal Garden Kit comprise?

In unpacking the Medicinal Garden Kit, people will quickly find:

10 Different Seeds

As noted earlier, the seeds for 10 fundamental herbs have been included in this kit. Below is a quick summary of what each herb is meant to achieve from a health aspect:

  • Chicory: Pain relief, better digestion, and a decoction for adrenal fatigue
  • Yarrow: Eases swelling and varicose veins, halts bleeding, and heals bruises
  • California Poppy: Promotes deep sleep
  • Marshmallow: Relieves heartburn and reflux, repairs skin, and eases throat aches
  • Chamomile: Relieves irritated eyes, stomach aches and skin ulcers
  • Evening Primrose: Treats symptoms related to poor digestion and enhances skin health
  • Lavender: Eases anxiety, and treats fungal infections, acne, and dry and blotchy skin
  • Echinacea: Stimulates the immune system and rids the body of inflammation
  • Calendula: Treats most skin problems
  • Feverfew: Treats inflamed joints, migraines and eases bruised skin

Educational Brochure

Although some might contend that the aforementioned seeds serve as the kit’s cornerstone, our editorial views them as just one component of a larger two-part system. The educational component is the other factor that is equally significant. Individuals will be unable to distinguish a useful herb from a useless one unless they are educated on its history, use cases, and proper treatment. In this regard, Nicole Apelian took care to explain each herb’s origin and laid out the major plant substances that have health benefits. Additionally, each brochure will provide users with information on how to seamlessly incorporate them into their daily routines, the advantages that arise in the backyard, and recipes that reveal various medicinal properties of the same herb.

How much does the Medicinal Garden Kit cost?

Currently, the medicinal garden kit is available for $59 (before any applicable taxes and shipping). Nicole also made sure to protect each purchase with a 365-day money-back guarantee because she says she has faith in her creation. If individuals are dissatisfied with this purchase for any reason within the first year of purchase, they must contact customer service for a full refund. Users who request a refund must send the seed-pack back and provide a justification for their decision. We encourage everyone to keep these contact details on hand for more details on the entire process:

  • Email: support@thelostherbs.com.
  • Return Address: Claude Davis/ Capital Printing, 4001 Caven Rd, Austin, TX 78744-1121 USA

Meet Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, author, biologist, anthropologist, wilderness skills instructor, survival skills consultant, keynote speaker, and more. Because of how Nicole Apelian’s career has reflected the health issues she has faced; our editorial team generally holds her in high regard. The expert was given an MS diagnosis 22 years ago, a condition that the western world views as incurable and uncontrollable.

She was unimpressed with the lack of optimism and clarity provided by Western medicine, so she made the obvious decision to look into alternative methods of achieving personal wellness. Her encounter with the idea of holistic wellness—which emphasizes cultivating a close connection with nature, establishing gratitude, choosing a healthy diet, and using herbal remedies—happened at precisely this time. Finally, a once-bedridden Nicole became more alive than she had ever felt, had two children, and was leading the best life she could.

In her own words, Nicole explains what she thinks the main lesson to learn from the Medicinal Garden Kit should be:

“For the last 20 years, I’ve been managing my MS using the natural remedies that I grow myself in my backyard. I went from being pushed in a wheelchair to being healthy and gully alive. So much that in 2015 I survived for 57 days straight in the wild on the History Channel’s TV show Alone […] I made this Medicinal Garden Kit because I wanted to empower other people to take their health into their own hands, just as I did […] I see no reason to take something made in the lab, when you can first try a natural remedy you grow at home.”

Final Verdict

It should be abundantly clear from the analysis above that the Medicinal Garden Kit is designed to convert one’s backyard into an all-natural pharmacy. Our editorial team was surprised to discover, after digging deeper into the kit’s contents, that the herbs Nicole chose can benefit a variety of bodily functions, including immunity, digestion, skin, and pain relief, to name a few. This demonstrates Nicole’s preference for holistic healing. Along with each herb, people will also receive a sort of brochure with tips and recipes for maximizing the benefits of the herbs. This is a point we’ve made several times in order to illustrate how important education can be.

As important as this kit may be for human health, many people might not be aware that each of the chosen herbs also contains essential nutrients for healthy soil, attracting and feeding beneficial insects that fight pests and other harmful invaders, and ensuring healthy plant growth. Plant growth is a cycle in and of itself, and Nicole cleverly considered how humans can be integrated indirectly into this cycle. The latter effectively translates her expertise, authority, and practical skills in this field, which harmoniously ties the entire Medicinal Garden Kit together.

Everything being equal, we see value in the current investment. Finally, people should always discuss the possibility of incorporating anything new into their routine, particularly if they are taking prescription medication. Although plants have rejuvenating qualities, it really depends on each case (i.e., the severity of the condition and one’s own tolerance to say the least). To find out more about the Medicinal Garden Kit, visit here! >>>