5 Best College Essay Writing Services You Should Check

When you’re feeling extremely stressed or cannot find the sources for your school assignment, one of the best solutions is to approach a college essay writing service. The only tricky part is to find something reliable that won’t bring you in trouble. Since there are lots of services available online, the most important is to take your time and choose a safe one. As a way to save your time, we have chosen the best companies that are legit and provide the best assistance when you need to submit a perfect assignment. Starting with trustworthy college essay writers to free revisions and affordable prices, we are certain that you will be satisfied as you pick one of the offered solutions.

How Did You Evaluate The Best Choices?

We have decided to explore each company and test them by placing an actual order. It has helped us to estimate the writing quality and check the delivery times. As we found out, each company has coped well and provided us with the expected benchmarks. As these are legit services that we could find online, we have also checked for user agreements to guarantee that you are dealing with safe college essay writing services.

5 Best College Essay Writing Services You Should Check

Since there is no universal standard, we have chosen the university benchmarks for high quality in our testing. Once you are ready to make your educated choices, you should pick these legit essay writing services based on what you like the most as you read through. Some names will be already known, while certain entries will be totally new to most of you!


  • What Do We Know? The company has been offering professional writing services since 2014. It is one of the solutions that you might have heard about because the famous Birdie has fought hard to secure its place while offering legit assistance. They can help with anything from basic essay writing to complex research papers and personal statement writing. Getting college essay help from them means that you will deal with verified essay writers who have been verified in terms of being credible when offering help.
  • Can You Trust Them? They offer it all: you can choose your college essay writer, talk to them before you cooperate, let the experts bid for the best price, enjoy free revisions, and get refunds in case something goes wrong.
  • Testing The Paper. The ordering process is logical and simple even for those students that have never tried similar help online. You have to provide all the necessary information to help the experts understand what must be done. As we checked the quality with a test assignment, our paper has been delivered on time and had no issues of any kind. The formatting, grammar, structure, and relevancy to the subject are top class!
  • The Pricing. The prices start at $13.99 per page but your final price may be higher as they have a bidding system. It only takes time to wait for the best offering to appear. Still, EduBirdie belongs to affordable college paper writing services if you consider the final quality.
  • What Do Customers Say? It is one of the cases where you can find enough reviews online. The company is very strict regarding its media profile, which is why they tend to appear on every platform. They have 4.7 points on the platforms like Sitejabber. They are always mentioned on Quora and people are mostly happy with their service and attitude.
  • Customer Support. They are more than simple support agents because they know it all about their essay business. If you need to choose an expert or require payment help regarding college essay writing help online, they will be able to guide you through. They are available 24/7.
  • The Benefits. If you need a trustworthy writing service, look no further as they are a company with a brand name that always delivers papers on time with zero plagiarism. They have great writers and cover numerous subjects. Most importantly, they provide refunds that actually work and won’t ignore you if things go wrong.


  • What Do We Know? It’s an option that will fit those learners who are seeking research paper help. If you are planning to start with a research project or need something rather complex, this service should be a good match. They have been around for 10 years and do not really belong to classic writing services. A Research Guide is also a place that offers free templates, great posts on research writing, and an expert’s assistance.
  • Can You Trust Them? Their college paper writers have been carefully chosen based on academic credentials. As a legit business, they are respected in the academic community and have earned various awards from universities worldwide. They can be trusted for serious assignment writing as they are always turning to their experience and quality writers.
  • Testing The Paper. Since they offer college writing services that are mostly related to research work, we have tried classic Nursing research in the ER department. We have asked to include five sources and required a paper in Chicago-style format (not so common). The final paper has been flawless and the sources have been adjusted to the local area based on the case study we have requested. Both editing and formatting have been really good. The document that we received contained low similarity.
  • The Pricing. Their prices start at $14.99 and might be a bit too expensive for some learners, yet they offer timely delivery and great experts. This college writing service also lets you talk to their customer support, so they can help you with the best match for your subject.
  • What Do Customers Say? You won’t be able to find numerous reviews online as it is not a service that belongs to the classics like EduBirdie or StudyClerk. Nevertheless, they are a trustworthy service that won’t let you down. As you place your I need help writing a paper for college message with them, a customer agent will ask you about your order and won’t let you meet the writer until everything is fine. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied.
  • Customer Support. They have 24/7 customer support and are available immediately. They are friendly and do not represent customer support alone as they are the experts that are behind the website.
  • The Benefits. They are one of the best options for research in the academic field. It is a reason why they are not only popular among students but also among educators and content course creators. They are experienced and one of the best to consider online.


  • What Do We Know? They have been up since 2018 and belong to one of the best choices for essay writing. According to online reviews, they are very good with the sources and formatting. They offer the majority of school subjects and essay types. If you want to choose something like a thesis statement or lab report writing. They write papers for college students that are plagiarism-free because every paper is written from scratch and uses zero pre-written content, according to their website.
  • Can You Trust Them? If you want to approach a stable essay business, it is one of the safest methods. They have great payment options along with free revisions and refunds. There are frequent reminders that state that you should not pay until you are content with the paper.
  • Testing The Paper. We have checked this paper writing service for college with a History paper. The criteria that have been used were based on chronology, the dates, and formatting. The final document has been almost perfect and only required one revision. It has been done right away and was done free of charge. There were no plagiarism issues.
  • The Pricing. They are $13.99 per page and go just like the famous EduBirdie. It is good to meet the same price because it shows that the company keeps things competitive. Of course, if you need help writing college papers urgently, your price will increase. The shortest is 3 hours until the deadline. According to online testimonials, they can handle that as well!
  • What Do Customers Say? There are many customer reviews that you can find online. All the reviews are carefully monitored by the company as they always reply to the comments and listen to suggestions. There are very few negative reviews and they mostly mention conflicts with the writers since the task requirements have been misunderstood. Based on our prior experience, it is essential to provide full instructions to get the best results.
  • Customer Support. They have one of the friendliest support agents that will go the extra mile for you. They are always helpful and will cheer you up as you place your order.
  • The Benefits. One of the best paper writers for college that you can find online. They are a legit company that provides transparency and professional assistance. The wide range of subjects and essay types will keep you satisfied as you challenge your homework.


  • What Do We Know? The majority of students are worried about the presence of native English speakers, which is quite understandable. It’s exactly what this service guarantees. Established in 2017, they have an excellent reputation not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Australia. They are a global academic help corporation that can provide you with all types of reputable English writing. If you are an exchange student or have English learning challenges as you edit your paper, think about this writing service.
  • Can You Trust Them? They provide one of the best college essay help online as they have a great selection of experts that will start with excellent grammar and formatting. They offer a free plagiarism checker and grammar check tool. It shows that they can stand behind their quality even before you start with cooperation. Have no fear as you approach them!
  • Testing The Paper. As they offer help writing papers for college, you can choose any essay type or subject from English Literature and History to Business Management and Political Sciences. This time, we have chosen the Black Lives Matter in the UK essay with a focus on British sources. It was necessary to test how well our expert can cope with the challenge. The final outcome appeared perfect and has been delivered two hours before our deadline. The writer has left helpful comments, which was a pleasant bonus.
  • The Pricing. The prices here start at $12.99, which is a bit more affordable if we compare it to others. If you would like to start with editing and proofreading, the prices will start at $5.5. Mind you, their editing is one of the best and goes way more than the free online tools.
  • What Do Customers Say? They have professional college paper writers as we can read from the reviews. We could find over 200 reviews from their clients and the overall rating is 4.38 out of 5. There are no plagiarism issues and the timely delivery places them in the top ranks.
  • Customer Support. You can get in touch with their American support agents if you are in the United States. The British and Australian branches are also available 24/7 if you want to approach them.
  • The Benefits. Native British, American, and Australian English writers with relevant essay work. They are affordable and their writing services for college students are one of the best.


  • What Do We Know? Sometimes you have to become a Viking to cope with the endless run of school assignments! Seriously though, it is one of the most popular essay writing services in 2022 because they are affordable and provide you with all the possible homework guidance. We have tried them for creative writing as this review has been composed and they did not fail. Still, of all things first!
  • Can You Trust Them? Absolutely! This college essay service is not as famous as EduBirdie, yet they let you choose the writer and enjoy free revisions with refunds. There are safe payment options to choose from. The online reviews state that they stand for their quality and will come for help when you are about to miss your deadline.
  • Testing The Paper. We have tested them with creative poetry. Since it was an unusual request, we have tried to see if they can handle something unusual. A talented writer has helped us to come up with a special poem. The document has been formatted according to the MLA style and there was a short introduction with a source that has been properly referenced. Their style of offering help writing essays for college is unique as they will provide you with friendly guidance as the paper is being written. There was zero plagiarism and the paper has been delivered on time.
  • The Pricing. This is the best part of our review as we could find a legit company that has prices that start at only $9.99 per page. The quality is still high and we could not notice any flaws. Our final assignment has been done properly. Although we did not test their academic content like MBA or Nursing, what we have received has been done in the best way possible.
  • What Do Customers Say? Offering legit essay writing services, they have earned 4 stars on the Trustpilot platform with the majority of negative reviews being related to brief formatting issues or misunderstandings with the instructions. The Trustpilot has earned them 5 stars and it shows how well they cope with the assignments.
  • Customer Support. They provide you with all the possible ways to get in touch. We have tried their online chat and phone call. It all works and they can be reached within a minute. Their support is professional and we could not find any negatives here.
  • The Benefits. They are one of the most affordable writing services online that you should check. The presence of numerous reviews makes them a stable option for academic homework. If you need something creative and beyond the school subjects, it is the best way to go for your assignments! Their college essay services are legit and can be used with no apprehension.

Take your time to explore and compare these reviews to choose the best solution. Since these are legit, check the user agreements, and do not forget to focus on those options that allow you to choose your expert!


Are listed essay writing services legit?

Yes! We have checked only those companies that provide 100% legit academic writing assistance. We have studied the user agreements and picked those businesses that have already secured their place in the writing market.

What should I do if I’m not happy with the final paper?

The good news is that the companies on our list provide free revisions and refunds. If you receive your paper and need to edit something minor or add a sentence, you can request a free revision. If things are plain wrong and an expert has not followed your instructions, you can request a refund.

How do essay writing companies hire their writers?

Each college paper writing service that we have reviewed has a complex hiring system. It starts with a verification process that helps to ensure that the provided academic credentials are valid. Then the future writers pass the writing tests and only the top experts are chosen. A personal interview follows to guarantee that a person is an accurate one and has great soft and hard skills.

Do you provide legit essay writing services?

Yes, the legit writing help is available from all the companies that have been mentioned in our review. You can choose any of the five options based on your budget and paper specifics. Also you can read other essay writing service reviews

Can I hire an expert who can write my college essay?

Yes, it’s possible to choose your writer based on reviews, academic credentials, or the subject that you would like to approach. By paying $9.99 at EduBirdie, you can let the company find the best expert based on your objectives. Otherwise, you can do so yourself!

Do they provide native English speakers to write my essay?

This is what all the writing services are truly proud of as they frequently offer assistance for ESL students. For example, Same Day Papers has three branches where two of which are located in the United Kingdom and Australia. It means that if you need a British author or an Australian, they can offer that.

Why Do Students Approach Essay Writing Services?

The most important reason for online help with writing relates to the set of problems of e-learning and the misunderstandings with the college professors that most students have. Starting with the odd grading rubrics to proofreading and the structure style mistakes, most learners find it extremely hard to submit their papers on time. Logging in to their campus late at night or early in the morning, students cannot find immediate assistance or guidance that would push them through the writing block. Approaching professional college essay writers online makes it possible to receive help at any time and where asking questions is not something shameful. Being anonymous, the learners can submit their tasks and let an expert explain things to them by offering a template and plagiarism-free writing.

Another factor that is often ignored is the presence of personal problems, part-time jobs for exchange students, and young parents who cannot fit within their academic schedule. It is exactly where an essay writing company can assist 24/7 without breaking the bank. If you are appearing in a similar situation or cannot meet the deadline, using one of the services that we have reviewed will help you to avoid academic failure. These are essay writing services legit solutions that can be trusted, so take your time and explore the best options.

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