Local elementary school holds Fun Run

AJ West event promotes healthy exercise, diet to grade-schoolers

AJ West Elementary School in Aberdeen hosted a “Fun Run” that concluded with a 1-mile run around the campus on May 20.

The event was funded through a the WEA Chinook Community Outreach Grant and sought to “create long-lasting, positive relationships between students, community and staff through engaging, fun, healthy experiences,” according to the project’s description.

The festivities began on May 9 and included daily instruction about healthy exercise and nutrition, an after- school running club and daily running practice, to name a few.

On May 20, K-5 students competed in a mile run, which consisted of three circuits around a designated route around the campus administered by staff and volunteers.

Lucas Montoure placed first with a time of 7:54.

Khristian King (8:50), Nolin Cribbs (8:54), Ander Jones (8:56) and Nessa Covall (9:40) placed 2-5, respectively.

Mailee Montoure (9:57, 6th), Jackson Dayton (10:06, 7th), Payton Nagle (10:23, 8th), Liberty Covall (10:58, 9th) and Sara Rossback (11:11, 10th) rounded out the top 10.