Peak BioBoost Reviews: Does It Work? Critical Consumer Update! 2023 Alert

Peak BioBoost is a leading prebiotic supplement by Peak Biome that features an ‘unusual nutrient’ that helps users quite literally enjoy perfect poops daily. Commonly referred to as nature’s own drano for your bowels, the Peak BioBoost prebiotic supplement is loaded with high quality ingredients that can not only help reduce gas and bloating, along with shrinking your stomach and waistline, but support regular bowel movements to flush away toxins and metabolic waste daily.

Made available at the official Peak BioBoost website of MyPeakBiome.com, the Peak Biome prebiotic formula transcends the traditional psyllium fiber and laxative approach, rendering them completely obsolete and useless in comparison to what this unique formulation can induce within the body’s ecosystem.

Did you recently notice that your productivity, mood, and energy levels have dramatically suffered? Are you tired of having to deal with a slowed metabolism and irregular bowel movements? This is an issue that the majority of society is likely to face at some point in life. To think that out of everything, the amount of poop is part of the reason why certain areas of health get the biggest hit can be frustrating. Luckily, to avoid any further damage to one’s mental and physical health, Peak Biome believes their means of mending poor metabolism can make a lasting impression, not to forget long term improvements. The purpose of this review to share everything there is to know in regard to Peak BioBoost:

What is Peak BioBoost?

Peak BioBoost is advertised as an innovative, science-backed, and plant-based dietary supplement that ensures healthy and regular bowel movements. As suggested on the official product page, the main goal is to be able to “enjoy the perfect poop daily.” And, to think that the latter can be achieved without having to face uncomfortable gas, painful straining, or any excessive wiping is quite impressive.

By the looks of it, it seems like this solution is fully based on combining prebiotic fibers. Consequently, this approach supposedly has the power to unleash anywhere between 5 and 20 pounds of poop! Surely, these reasons alone might elicit curiosity in consumers, but before jumping to the ingredients list, let’s further analyze what it is that Peak BioBoost aims to resolve.

How does Peak BioBoost work?

As shared by the creators of Peak BioBoost, Peak Biome, this solution has been formulated to help solve three “poop blockers.” The first one involves the stress experienced by the gut. When such an event occurs, the nerves also experience stress, and this is a problem because it partakes in the process of moving poop through the intestines. For those of you wondering what stress implies here, it can actually come from anywhere, whether it be because of a demanding boss, financial distress, family dramas, you name it!

Aside from affecting vital components that help push poop out, stress immediately leads to epinephrine release. Epinephrine, like adrenaline, is our “fight-or-flight” hormone. When it is present, it forces the body to deliver blood belonging to the intestines to other organs instead. This deficiency eventually reduces the intestines’ speed and initiates constipation.

The second, and most obvious poop blocker, is a deficiency in fiber. While fiber alone is highly unlikely to help just about everyone, it does play a role in perfecting poops. Why fiber? Well, they provide essential matter that gives stool its shape and ensures that poop moves smoothly through the digestive tract. So, for people who’ve witnessed thin and pearl-like poop in their life, the reason behind this rests in the mere fact that the stool lacks fiber, and without fiber, that bulkiness cannot be achieved.

The final poop blocker is the lack of good bacteria. Good bacteria also referred to as probiotics, are in place to ward off foreign invaders. In addition, they are trusted to help break down food, maintain fat storage and hormones, and boost the digestive system, to name a few. If bad bacteria easily outnumber the good types, this immediately gives rise to infections, excess fat, prolonged digestive function, and everything that practically ruins perfect poop and strong immunity.

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Now that we have a strong understanding of how Peak BioBoost is meant to work, let’s see whether the chosen ingredients reflect the team’s attempt at mending digestive-related issues.

What’s inside Peak BioBoost?

The Peak Biome team claims to have included 8g of prebiotic “ghost” fiber. Why might they be referred to as being ghostly? Well, we’re about to find out, below is a summary of the ingredients found in the Peak BioBoost prebiotic blend:

Xylooligosaccharide (XOS)

Xylooligosaccharide is a type of prebiotic that allegedly has the ability to achieve balance within the gut microbiota. A 2016 study that investigated the effects of XOS on the latter seems to have found a similar result. Namely, they were able to show that consuming XOS-enriched rice porridge for six weeks increased the presence of Lactobacillus spp. and Bifidobacterium spp. (two prominent probiotics) and decreased Clostridium perfringens (linked to diarrhea and abdominal cramps).

The authors concluded that this study “suggests the beneficial effects of XOS on intestinal functions and health,” adding that more research is needed to see how XOS functions with other kinds of food. In further researching the potential XOS has, we stumbled upon a 2020 study. The researchers were interested in seeing how XOS modulates the microbiota and regulates high fat diet-induced inflammation.

In the end, they were able to find that “both short-chain fatty acid-producing bacteria and short-chain fatty acid content increased in the gut of the XOS-treated rats.” In other words, they advised that XOS can possibly ease colonic inflammation by maintaining a healthy gut microbiota.

Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke)

Inulin derived from Jerusalem artichoke is a type of oligosaccharide/polymer of fructose and acts as a fiber. According to a piece written by HealthLine, inulin has been shown to add bulkiness to stools, increase the overall frequency of bowel movements and as a result, helps the body absorb essential nutrients that allow it to thrive. As written by the team, it also helps with the production of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria (probiotics).

When it comes to inulin, those derived from Jerusalem artichoke (JA) and chicory (CH) are normally sought for. A 2007 study that wanted to test the effects of either or on the overall composition of fecal microbiota, the concentration of fecal short-chain fatty acids, bowel movements, and gastrointestinal symptoms found certain improvements. To be more specific, the researchers wrote that JA and CH led to increased counts of bifidobacteria and reduced Bacteroides/Prevotella. They also shared that aside from the production of good bacteria, the duo is likely to suppress “pathogenic bacteria.”

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)

FOS is similar to inulin, as it is also a type of oligosaccharides/prebiotics derived from natural plants. According to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research (CSIR), combining the likes of FOS and inulin results in a fermentation process in the colon, which implies maximum benefits to the gut. Furthermore, the duo is believed to work by promoting the growth of good bacteria in the colon. To date, the organization shared that taking as little as 4g of FOS can have a positive effect on colonic microflora.

In further exploring the benefits of FOS, we came across a 2009 review that focused entirely on dietary FOS and its effect on health. The authors summarized that FOS:

  • It contains low sweetness, is caloric-free, and is non-cariogenic
  • Can elicit prebiotic effect and improve mineral absorption
  • It has been linked to decreased levels of serum cholesterol, triacylglycerol, and phospholipids.
  • It is increasingly found in baby formulas because of its prebiotic effect.
  • Can reduce constipation at a dose of 4 to 15g/day

Acacia Gum

Extracted from the acacia tree, acacia is a type of water-soluble dietary fiber. Many of the food items available today contain these respective fibers, as it has been authorized as a food additive in certain parts of the world. In a review that looked at different but similar types of dietary fibers, the authors noted that “acacia gum was shown to produce a greater increase in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli than an equal dose of inulin.” They further noted that the former is less likely to stimulate gastrointestinal side effects.

Besides the powerful four found in the prebiotic blend, 200mg of magnesium citrate has been included to ensure that intestinal nerves function properly and help to push poop through the intestines. Clearly, these prebiotics is ghostly, as they can alleviate and bring an end to all digestive issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The Peak BioBoost supplement is very polarizing as it flips many of the regular approaches to constipation and irregular bowel movements on its head. Here are a few questions that should clear up any muddy waters pertaining to what is the most vital information to know about the unique Peak BioBoost formula:

How should Peak BioBoost be taken?

Peak Biome recommends starting off with one scoop per day. In severe constipation cases, up to two scoops are recommended, however, the increases should be incremental.

What are the purported benefits of taking Peak BioBoost?

With time, individuals are likely to see an improvement in their bowel movements. In fact, the benefits are said to go well beyond that. Here are some possible changes one might experience:

  • Being able to wake up in the morning without feeling bloated
  • Increased energy levels and some form of weight loss
  • Healthy heart, immune system, and sleep patterns
  • Being able to maintain positive moods
  • Reduced bloating, gassiness, and any stomach-related issues

How long will it take to see results with Peak BioBoost?

It is important to note that each individual is different in their body and health. Therefore, results may vary. That said, on average, consumers are believed to notice initial differences within the first 2 to 3 days of use. Again, it could be a matter of weeks in certain cases, but consistency is key at the end of the day, and individuals should not lose hope too soon.

Does Peak BioBoost contain any stimulants and/or allergens?

No, Peak BioBoost is stimulant-free. In regard to allergens, the formula itself contains no allergens. Peak Biome affirms that this solution is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, and soy. However, it was manufactured in a facility that comes into contact with such ingredients, therefore, those who are worried should consider consulting a health practitioner first.

How long will it take to receive Peak BioBoost?

Customers in the U.S. and Canada can expect to receive their orders of Peak BioBoost within 5 to 7 business days, while international orders can take up to 15 days (plus any delays due to COVID and custom clearance times).

Is Peak BioBoost protected by a refund policy?

Yes, Peak BioBoost is protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. In the event that individuals fail to see any positive changes to their weight, energy levels, or even mood, customer service can be contacted for a full refund. Here are some contact information worth jotting down:

  • Email: support@peakbiome.com
  • Main Address: Peak Biome Inc., 219 North Main Ave Unity #118, Scranton, PA 18504
  • Return Address: Jetpack, ATTN: Peak Biome Returns, 1140 Highbrook St., Suite 400, Akron, OH 44301

What does Peak BioBoost come with?

In addition to the Peak BioBoost supplement, individuals will receive “The Perfect Poops” cookbook filled with tons of recipes that are trusted to help burn fat, are healthy, and most of all, enjoy healthy bowel movements. This cookbook primarily targets people who are fans of desserts but fear the calories within in. In fact, many of the recipes are believed to be keto-, paleo-, and low-carb friendly, to name a few. Below is a list of some treats that individuals can look forward to:

  • Walnut brownies, congo bar blondies, and almond butter brownie bites
  • Snickerdoodles, coconut macaroons, and chocolate thin mints
  • Strawberry shortcakes, lemon raspberry cheesecakes, and black velvet cupcakes
  • Cacao cookie dough bites, chocolate donuts, and chocolate raspberry truffle barks

How much does Peak BioBoost cost?

Each Peak BioBoost can last anywhere between 15 and 30 days, as the number of servings per day may fluctuate on a case-by-case basis. On that note, individuals can choose from the following options:

Meet Peak Biome

Peak Biome is a health supplement brand that focuses on helping people improve their health by targeting the gut. As per the team, the gut sits at the core, and its health can easily impact weight, skin, the brain, and digestion, to name a fraction. Hence, the reason why they’ve since offered numerous takes on digestive protection. Below is an extract obtained from the official website that outlines Peak Biome’s mission:

“We help people radically improve their lives by focusing on what we believe is the #1 health factor … your gut […] Study after study has shown a direct, powerful connection between the bacteria inside your gut and the overall health of your body. That’s why we’re teaming up with the smartest research scientists, doctors, and digestive health experts on the planet to produce products which help you take control of the #1 factor that controls every aspect of your health.”

Is Peak BioBoost Legit or Scam?

Any consumer who does their due diligence will know how important it is to ask the one big question, is Peak BioBoost a scam or a legitimate formula that provides the body with the right ingredients to flush toxins and enjoy healthy, regular bowel movements.

The truth is, out of the tens of thousands of health supplements, Peak Biome’s reputation and product line, starting with the flagship formula in Peak BioBoost, is one of the last blends on earth to worry about actually being a scam or non-worthy. The Peak BioBoost formulators and brand is among the best in the business and utilizes great care and attention to detail when making this unique prebiotic-rich ingredient supplement.

The only Peak BioBoost scam to be conscious of is the fact that shady actors do try to lure in consumers by selling fake powders and pills online under the same name. Case in point for example, all Peak BioBoost Amazon and Ebay listings are deemed 100% fraudulent and should be avoided at all costs. The company only sells on the official website at MyPeakBiome.com to avoid middlemen and lower costs, while also ensuring every customer has the ability to honor the money back guarantee and refund policy if the product happens not to work for you. Ordering Peak BioBoost on any of these other scam listings will not be as optimal as ordering on the manufacturer’s website, which already has the lowest costs. These fake Peak BioBoost supplements online are riddled with side effects and will cause adverse reactions because they are not tested for purity and potency like the officially branded formula.

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, it should be clear that Peak BioBoost aims to improve bowel movements by delivering prebiotics to the body. As seen in this piece’s research component, a lot of the benefits stem from the inclusion of prebiotics because they help to sustain probiotics in the gut, which are essential bacteria that terminate invaders of any form.

What makes this solution a worthy one is that it is, in fact, backed by scientific evidence, and this is reassuring to see given that people typically have concerns regarding safety and effectiveness. Who can forget the significant dosage per serving! And for these reasons, the prices appear to be quite fair.

The only downfall here is that of the 8g of the prebiotic blend, XOS makes up 7g. This means that the remaining three are offered at lower concentrations. However, XOS has been proven to be just as effective, therefore, it serving as the main fiber could be helpful nonetheless. At least, it has supporting fiber for further results, which is a nice touch! To find out more about Peak BioBoost and how it aims to revolutionize the consumption of prebiotics, visit here! >>



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