Single-payer system is the cure

What if your doctor could decide what medical care you need, not insurance companies?

What if you could see whatever doctor you wanted in a timely manner?

What if your plan cost equal to or less than what you pay now but you had no co-pay, no deductibles and prescriptions were covered?

Imagine if you and your employer did not have to choose new affordable plans with less coverage every year.

Sounds too good to be true, but it is not.

All other developed countries offer it. It is not socialized medicine. It is single payer and it takes insurance companies out of the picture.

It does seems impossible to win against the insurance company dollars, but a recent study showed that if 3.5 percent of the population actively wants something, nothing can stop us.

I invite you to come to the Raymond Theatre on Friday, July 14, from 7-9 p. m. to view “Now is the Time, Healthcare for All.”

You will walk away informed, inspired and hopeful of what we can accomplish together.

Denise Garoutte-Bell