Brownstone Research The Near Future Report: Google’s ChatGPT Killer Review

Brownstone Research has launched a new marketing campaign for The Near Future Report featuring an investment opportunity linked to “Google’s ChatGPT Killer.”

Google’s new AI program called “Project Gemini” may be the biggest AI rollout in history – and it’s about to go live to 4.3 billion Google users worldwide.

What is The Near Future Report? How could you potentially earn positive returns through Google’s Project Gemini? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about The Near Future Report today in our review.

What is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is a monthly investment newsletter from Brownstone Research.

Originally led by Jeff Brown, the newsletter is now led by editor Colin Tedards.

Each month, Colin and his team seek to identify the biggest trends for today’s investors – including trends that are on the cusp of mass adoption. By consistently identifying trends before the general public discovers them en masse, investors could earn a profit.

In recent months, The Near Future Report has focused on trends like 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

The goal of The Near Future Report is to provide “reliable, ‘sleep well at night’ picks that have the potential for double-digit returns,” according to the official website for The Near Future Report.

Colin recently launched a presentation discussing Google’s ChatGPT killer. Colin claims to have identified an underrated supplier working with Google on that technology. By investing in that company today, investors could make a fortune.

The Near Future Report is normally priced at $199 per year. However, as part of a late 2023 promotion, you can pay just $49 for your first year and receive a bundle of bonus guides with your subscription.

The Near Future Report Benefits

Some of the benefits of The Near Future Report include:

  • Discover the latest tech investing trends before the rest of the world
  • Subscribe for discounted rate of $49 today (normally $199)
  • Includes package of bonus reports and guides
  • Learn about an investment opportunity linked to Google’s new AI project, Project Gemini
  • Get immediate access to six bonus reports and other digital guides
  • Led by investment expert Colin Tedards

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What Will You Learn in The Near Future Report?

The primary goal of The Near Future Report is to teach investors about upcoming trends before they’re widely known to the public.

In some cases, The Near Future Report identifies underrated companies in well-known tech trends – like under-the-radar 5G or AI companies.

In other cases, The Near Future Report identifies entire tech trends on the cusp of mass adoption – including the undervalued companies leading the way in that space.

Generally, Colin and his team focus on large cap growth stocks. In recent months, the company has focused specifically on areas like 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

The goal of The Near Future Report isn’t to help investors get rich quick with “moonshot” style stock picks; instead, Colin seeks to recommend large, well-known companies that are positioning themselves to capitalize on today’s hottest tech trends.

Each month, investors receive a new issue of The Near Future Report with all of the information they need about today’s top tech trends and the companies involved in those trends. You also get Colin’s easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends – including the best plays in well-known spaces.

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What is Google’s ChatGPT Killer?


According to Colin Tedards, Google is preparing to launch a new AI program that is 5 times more powerful than ChatGPT – and it’s about to roll out to 4.3 billion Google users.

You could invest in Google stock to take advantage of this technology. However, Google is already one of the most valuable companies in the world, and it may not deliver the life changing gains investors want.

Instead, Colin tells investors about an underrated supplier for Google. That supplier is purportedly working with Google to roll out the AI technology. By investing in that supplier today, investors could have the potential to make oversized returns on their investment.

Colin describes Google’s AI project as Project Gemini, and he claims it could change the world.

In 2022, Google paid Colin $1,523,984 (Colin shares a 1099 pay stub from Google’s parent company as proof).

It’s possible Colin’s work with Google gave him knowledge about the company and its suppliers, and he wants to pass this knowledge onto The Near Future Report’s subscribers. Although Colin doesn’t technically claim to be selling insider knowledge, he appears to have close knowledge of Google and its suppliers.

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Google is Betting Their Entire Future on AI

Some companies are dipping their toes into the AI pool. Others are jumping right in. Google is in the latter category.

According to Colin’s research, Google is “betting their entire future on AI.” The company has already spent more than $298 billion on AI – more than any other company.

In comparison, Microsoft, which has spent the second most on AI, has spent roughly half of Google, spending $173 billion on AI in recent years, according to Colin’s research.

Google’s CEO has doubled down on AI. Sundar Pichai says AI will “impact everything” Google does for the “next 10 years and beyond.” He believes AI has the potential to be “bigger than the internet itself.” By investing significantly into AI today, Google could dominate the market in the future.

It’s not just Google: Forbes believes AI will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Others believe we’re on the cusp of the biggest boom in history thanks to AI.

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Google’s Underrated Supplier is Making a Key Piece for Project Gemini

Colin, who claims to have previously received paychecks from Google’s parent company, has identified a supplier linked to Google’s AI ambitions.

That supplier, according to Colin, “helps Google squeeze every ounce of performance out of their computer chips.”

Here’s how that supplier works – and why Colin believes that supplier could be a smart investment:

Colin has identified a single, publicly-traded company that helps Google maximize the performance of its computer chips.

Microsoft, Google, and other tech giants use different computer chips to power their artificial intelligence projects. ChatGPT, for example, uses graphics processing units (GPUs) made by Nvidia. Nvidia owns 95% of this market, which is one reason they’ve skyrocketed in value lately.

In 2015, however, Google started to develop their own AI chip called a tensor processing unit, or TPU. This chip is 10 times faster than a GPU.

Google’s supplier is “building out a broader infrastructure specifically designed to unleash the full power of Google’s TPUs,” according to Colin.

Today, that company’s technology has helped Google’s AI outperform anything else on the market 5x. As the technology continues to grow, it could make AI faster than we ever thought possible.

For all of these reasons and more, many are calling Google’s Project Gemini a ChatGPT killer. However, Google can only achieve the full potential of that project with help from the secret supplier.

To discover the name and ticker symbol of the publicly-traded supplier behind Google’s Project Gemini, subscribe to The Near Future Report today. All new subscribers receive immediate access to the report, “My #1 AI Stock: Google’s Secret Supplier.” You’ll discover complete details about the supplier and why Colin believes in its investment potential.

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Some of the World’s Largest Investors Have Already Invested in This Supplier

Colin has identified a supplier linked to Google that he believes has enormous growth potential.

However, it’s not just Colin who believes in the company. He’s joined by some of Wall Street’s most legendary investors and biggest names.

Some of the notable names who have invested in Google’s supplier include:

  • Warren Buffett, one of America’s most legendary investors
  • Larry Fink, the founder of BlackRock
  • Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel
  • Jeff Yass, the 50th richest man in the world
  • David Tepper, one of the greatest hedge fund managers of his generation

Because of all of these endorsements from major investing names, Colin and his team believe Google’s supplier could be a winning investment.

Google’s Project Gemini Could Be Bigger Than the Internet – and It’s Launching Soon

Google’s Project Gemini isn’t far off. In fact, Colin claims the project is “going live as we speak.”

By investing in Google’s secret supplier today, you could be on the cusp of a technological breakthrough.

Some of the reasons Colin believes Google’s Project Gemini could be bigger than the internet include:

The world’s first publicly available AI, ChatGPT, launched in December 2022 and grew to one million users in 5 days. It grew faster than Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media giants. Some called it the “fastest growing app of all time.”

At the same time, ChatGPT’s revenue skyrocketed, growing from $0 to over $1 billion in under a year.

ChatGPT’s launch reportedly caused a “Code Red,” at Google, according to Colin’s research. Colin claims to have received a $1.5 million paycheck from Google’s parent company in 2022.

In response to ChatGPT, Google has accelerated its Project Gemini plans.

Google could experience an even faster launch than ChatGPT. The company owns 92% of the global search engine market and has 4.72 billion internet users worldwide. Billions of people use Google – and Google could simultaneously roll out Project Gemini to all of them.

For all of these reasons, Colin believes Google’s Project Gemini could be bigger than the internet – and it could be launching in the near future. Investors who ignore it today could miss out.

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What’s Included with The Near Future Report?

If you subscribe to The Near Future Report today, you get immediate access to six bonus eBooks along with the ordinary perks of your membership.


Here’s what you get when subscribing to The Near Future Report today:

One Full Year of The Near Future Report: Each month, you receive a new issue of The Near Future Report with stock tips, market analysis, and more. Each issue features at least one concrete recommendation, giving you a minimum of 12 recommendations per annual subscription. According to Colin, each recommendation has “the potential to skyrocket.”

Access to Model Portfolio: Want to see how Colin’s previous recommendations have performed? You get access to The Near Future Report model portfolio, which lists all previous recommendations and their performance to date, along with their buy-up-to prices. Colin updates this portfolio periodically based on market movements and new recommendations.

Complete Access to Research Archive: Brownstone Research has published dozens of reports over the years. By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get complete access to the company’s research archive of previous reports. Overall, this archive contains thousands of dollars’ worth of research reports.

60 Day Moneyback Guarantee: If you’re unhappy with The Near Future Report subscription or the included bonus reports for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days – and keep all of the bonus reports as a thanks for trying the subscription.

Bonus Report #1: My #1 AI Stock: Google’s Secret Supplier: Colin, who received a $1.5 million paycheck from Google in 2022, claims to have identified a supplier that “helps Google squeeze every ounce of performance out of their computer chips.” That supplier is underrated and relatively unknown, but it could skyrocket in value as Google’s Project Gemini rolls out. In this report, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of the company, along with Colin’s reasons for believing in the company.

Bonus Report #2: Retire Rich as AI Goes Mainstream: In this report, you’ll discover two companies Colin believes will “explode higher as AI adoption accelerates.” The report highlights two publicly-traded companies linked to artificial intelligence, including:

Bonus AI Stock Recommendation #1: Software Company Using AI to Manage Customer Relationships: The first recommended company is a customer relationship management (CRM) software firm using AI to optimize the customer experience. The company plans to use AI to sort through customer data and deliver greater insights. This company also just partnered with Google on an AI-related project, which means they could be first in line to try Google’s Project Gemini.

Bonus AI Stock Recommendation #2: Innovative Company Helping Google Roll Out AI to Billions: The second company is partnering with Google to help them roll out artificial intelligence to Google’s 4.3 billion customers worldwide. That company already has 14 Google Partner awards, and they recently made a $3 billion investment in AI that will help them continue to dominate the market in the future, according to Colin’s research.

Bonus Report #3: AI Losers: Some companies are investing in AI and staying up on the latest trends. Others are dismissing AI as a passing fad. One report says AI will put 75% of organizations out of business – including businesses that have failed to innovate. AI has the potential to make entire businesses obsolete overnight. Fiverr’s entire business model, for example, is based on paying people on the internet to do small tasks. Today, AI can replace 80% of those tasks, putting the future of the business at risk. In this report, Colin identifies some of the companies that could be at risk because of artificial intelligence.

Bonus Report #4: The Next Nvidia: The entire industry is looking for the next Nvidia. Nvidia has skyrocketed in value in the last decade because of advances in AI. They control 95% of the GPU market and have risen to become one of the world’s most valuable companies. In this report, you can discover a company Colin believes is “the next Nvidia,” allowing you to “ride the AI wave with another key player in the AI industry.” If Colin’s prediction is correct, this company could rise dramatically in value as AI takes off.

Bonus Report #5: The #1 AI Adopter to Buy Right Now: One company is using AI to disrupt a $2.86 trillion market. In this report, you can discover how that company could help you generate potentially massive returns.

Bonus Report #6: The AI Moonshot Watchlist: Investing in AI companies early is risky, but it could also change your life. A single moonshot investment could transform your financial future. Think about what it would have been like to invest $1,000 in Apple in the 1980s or Google in the early 2000s. In this report, you can discover a pre-IPO company Colin believes “is destined to become the hottest IPO of this decade and deliver astronomical returns.” Even a small investment in this company today has the potential to create a life changing fortune, according to Colin’s research.

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The Near Future Report Pricing

The Near Future Report is normally priced at $199 for an annual subscription. However, as part of a 2023 promotion, you’ll pay just $49 for your first year, then a discounted price thereafter (if you choose to renew).

Here’s how pricing works when signing up for The Near Future Report through the online form today:

1 Year Subscription to The Near Future Report: $49

One year from today, after your subscription expires, you’ll be renewed automatically at $129 per year. However, you can cancel at any time to avoid renewal. Or, you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

The Near Future Report has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You have 60 days to request a refund on your purchase if you’re unhappy for any reason.

To thank you for trying The Near Future Report, Brownstone Research lets you keep all bonus reports – including My #1 AI Stock: Google’s Secret Supplier and the five other bonus reports bundled with new subscriptions.

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Who is Colin Tedards?

Colin Tedards has been writing as a financial analyst for Seeking Alpha since 2014, where he gained a reputation for picking micro-cap stocks.

In 2016, Colin started to publish investment videos online, ultimately reaching 10 million viewers worldwide and enhancing his stock picking reputation.

In recent history, Colin identified the October 2022 lows in the stock market and told his viewers to resume buying stocks. In 2023, he issued buy ratings for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Getty Images, all of which returned market-beating results.

Colin also has a concrete connection to Google. In 2022, Google paid him $1,523,984. He shares a 1099 pay stub online as proof. This connection may have helped Colin discover the suppliers behind Project Gemini, Google’s new AI project.

Colin was born and raised one hour east of Silicon Valley and studied at California State University, Stanislaus. He started to invest in tech in 1999 and once taught himself to code and build websites to make a living.

Today, Colin seeks to continue building on his reputation with Brownstone Research and The Near Future Report.

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About Brownstone Research

Brownstone Research is an investment publishing company offering a range of newsletters, guides, and other information online.

Originally led by Jeff Brown, the company and its newsletters are now headed by investing experts Colin Tedards, Andrew Hodges, and Joe Withrow.

In addition to The Near Future Report, Brownstone Research is known for services like The Bleeding Edge, Exponential Tech Investor, and Day One Investor.

You can contact Brownstone Research and the company’s customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Brownstone Research’s The Near Future Report seeks to identify the hottest tech trends before the rest of the world discovers them.

Led by Colin Tedards, the monthly newsletter focuses on AI, 5G, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge trends. The goal is to identify some of the smartest investments in the space.

As part of a late 2023 promotion, Brownstone Research is bundling a collection of bonus reports with all new subscriptions to The Near Future Report. By subscribing today, you get immediate access to six bonus reports – including one bonus report highlighting Google’s secretive AI supplier.

To learn more about The Near Future Report or to subscribe today, visit the official website.


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