The Fishing Corner: Anglers young and old prepare for opening of lake fishing season

  • Sat Apr 20th, 2019 5:00am
  • Sports

The Fishing Corner

By Larry Dublanko

The next big event on the fishing scene is the lake opener next Saturday. Folks will have a week to get themselves ready and prepared.

Whereas, there are some year-round lakes in our area such as Duck Lake and Lake Sylvia, all other lakes statewide will open to fishing. This fishery is a big deal and involves a wide range of ages participating. Of course, without question, the focus in many ways is upon the kids. Derbies and plenty of trout available make for a glorious outing.

When it comes to youth participation, children 14 years of age and under do not require a license, though they are still required to hold a valid catch-record card where applicable. They must actively participate and be able to demonstrate the ability to handle the gear by themselves. They must follow all the rules and restrictions for that particular species and/or body of water. Youth are allowed the same daily limit as an adult. Adults may assist and are not required to have a license if they will not be fishing themselves. For certain, children must be present and take part in the entire process.

This becomes a bit of a challenge given the attention span of extremely young children when using the bobber technique. Kids will get bored, tend to get distracted and wonder off. Adults would do best to reel in their gear lest it is misconstrued that they are actually doing the fishing. Sometimes young kids can get enamored with the salamanders and loose their interest in fishing. Welcome to lake fishing with kids.

To help keep interest alive, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has stocked our lakes with plenty of fish. Reeling in a fish will dispel any built up boredom.

For starters, the year-round Duck Lake received 1,000 fish for spring break and another 1,400 trout in readiness for opening day. The other year round lake fishing in our area is Lake Sylvia. This lake obtained 1,300 fish for spring break fishing and another 1,700 for opening day.

Failor Lake is a popular lake for kids events. It received 2,150 fish in an early plant to accommodate these early derbies. Another 2,100 fish were added for the lake opener. Lake Aberdeen got 1,300 fish on the early plant and 1,700 in the later plant.

The two Elma ponds are ready to go. Vance Creek Pond No. 1 (Bowers Lake) received an 800 spring break plant and another 925 fish were added later. Vance Creek Pond No. 2 (Lake Inez) got 300 early fish and 1,450 later.

In Pacific County, Snag Lake and Western Lake got a mid-March plant of 1,000 trout. In preparation for spring break, 1,000 fish were added for each lake. Then in readiness for the opener, another 1,000 fish were planted in these two lakes. Loomis Lake gets 1,000 fish for opening day. Cases Pond got 1,600 fish for the opener. Black Lake was the top lake with 1,000 trout for the spring break and 5,100 in preparation for Saturday’s opener.

So, here we go. The season will be punctuated with screams of delight heard over lake surfaces.