Simpler Traffic Reviews (Update) Does It Work? Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz Worth Buying?

Urgent Update: We have gotten many inquires about Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz’s Simpler Traffic and wanted to address them right away before jumping into entire customer review of the program:

FAQ Update

Here are the top questions consumers are asking about Simpler Traffic that we want to address properly to clear up any confusion to move forward with:

Q: Will This Work for Me if I Have NO Experience?

A: Yes, Simpler Traffic is designed specifically for beginners. Our goal is to help you establish a basic website within the next 90 days that has the potential to earn you $100,000 annually. With dedication, this is entirely achievable, even if you have no technical expertise. We provide numerous examples during the workshop.

Q: Is This Too Basic if I have Actual Experience Online?

A: No, this is not just for beginners. It’s a streamlined traffic enhancement for any established business. Implement this to channel untapped consumer traffic and boost your sales at no cost. We’ve assisted businesses earning six figures to escalate to seven figures annually in just a few months using this method. Those who are intermediate to advanced marketers, businesses, or entrepreneurs might progress through the course more swiftly and might already have a specific business or offer they want to expand. But that’s essentially the only edge that prior experience offers.

Q: What do I get with Simpler Traffic Program?

In essence, I’ll introduce you to my most potent traffic strategy and business framework, which I’ve kept under wraps for over 15 years in the digital realm. I’ll guide you meticulously through the entire journey of establishing digital assets that yield a 6-figure income, all while harnessing the finest free traffic online. This approach has enabled me to attract tens of millions of online visitors and secure millions of sales across diverse niches without any competition. Additionally, you’ll gain access to all the intuitive technology we’ve crafted, transforming massive tasks into straightforward 5-7 minute daily activities. Furthermore, you’ll receive comprehensive support, guidance, and mentorship to ensure your enduring success.

Q: How Does Simpler Traffic Generate Website Traffic?

The most premium traffic online is sourced from Google due to its abundance, scalability, and precision targeting (when equipped with the right approach). ‘Simpler Traffic’ embodies my distinctive “no competition” technique to channel Google traffic to your pre-existing or freshly created Simpler Sites… Over a span of 15+ years, I’ve honed this method, enabling me to attract millions of visitors and generate sales across a spectrum of niches, bypassing the intricacies of SEO, the uncertainties and costs of Paid Ads, or the challenge of navigating complex trillion-dollar algorithms. Our approach is straightforward, and as a result, we successfully attract millions of visitors annually… it all boils down to adhering to the 3 P’s of Free Traffic.

This should help clear up a lot of confusion amongst consumers interested in Simpler Traffic. Let’s dive into the full review of Simpler Traffic to get all of the most pressing details ironed out so you can get started today!

Simpler Traffic Reviewed

Simpler Traffic is a new online program that teaches you how to generate 6 to 7-figure traffic in just 90 days.

Available exclusively online through SimplerTraffic.com, Simpler Traffic consists of a free eBook, a mind map, a workshop, and an upcoming launch – all of which are scheduled for October 2023.

Is Simpler Traffic legit? How does Simpler Traffic work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Simpler Traffic today in our review.

What is Simpler Traffic?

Simpler Traffic is a traffic generation system consisting of a proven, three-step process anyone can use to push huge amounts of traffic at online assets in any niche in 90 days or fewer.

  • The Simpler Traffic program consists of:
  • The Simpler Traffic book
  • The Simpler Traffic mindmap
  • The Simpler Traffic workshop
  • The Simpler Traffic early bird launch

Simpler Traffic is led by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. With Simpler Traffic, Chris and Jay aim to teach anyone how to generate lots of traffic with minimal effort in a way that’s “so simple it’s actually kind of boring.”

After learning more about Simpler Traffic, you can dive into Jay and Chris’s $100K Boring Challenge. This challenge involves launching a website in 60 seconds, then driving traffic to that website using the power of AI-generated content. Jay and Chris have a five-step system that walks you through everything – from finding your niche to the final stages of launch.

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What Will You Learn in Simpler Traffic?

Simpler Traffic teaches you how to implement a proven traffic generation system.

That traffic generation system involves using AI to generate enormous amounts of content in a boring niche, then having that content push traffic to your offer.

You can use AI to create infographics to post online, for example. You can write blog posts, produce videos, and create scripts in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

By signing up for Simpler Traffic today, you can learn everything you need to know about this unique traffic generation system and how it works. Some of the things you’ll learn in the Simpler Traffic book and other materials include:

How to drive quality, targeted traffic in any niche from the best source online (organic traffic from Google).

How to generate huge amounts of quality traffic for free with minimal effort and zero competition using a method “that’s so simple it’s actually kind of boring.”

A new traffic model driving massive student success. That traffic model involves using AI to generate content, then sharing that content online to attract organic traffic from Google.

How to use an automated tool to create “Simple 7 Minute Posts” to drive sales.

Cutting edge profit strategies for a complete business in a box, helping you launch your online business efficiently. You’ll learn five steps for launching a “boring” website that could drive $100,000 per year in sales.

A repeatable system for driving high-ticket sales and creating recurring profit streams.

How to take advantage of years of conversion optimization to create better commissions.

The program is also backed by hundreds of organic student testimonials and overwhelming proof. People of all levels have implemented the Simpler Traffic system to drive traffic to offers without paying for ads.

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How Does Simpler Traffic Work?

There are plenty of traffic generation schemes available today that claim to drive quality traffic to online offers at zero cost. Some work, while others don’t.

What makes Simpler Traffic unique? Can you really drive quality, free traffic to your offer with Simpler Traffic?

Although we can’t disclose complete details of the Simpler Traffic strategy upfront, it involves steps like:

You’re using the very best source of traffic online to drive quality traffic to your business at no cost.

You’re not buying ads or paying people to visit your offer.

The system takes just 1 to 2 hours per month to run.

The system involves using brand new methods, and these methods work for any offer in any niche.

Essentially, Simpler Traffic involves identifying a “boring” niche online with untapped potential. Then, you use AI to generate massive amounts of content to address problems within this niche. This content attracts organic traffic from Google, and this traffic goes to your offer.

Using this method, you can setup 6-figure digital cash flow assets in 90 days. You set up your offer, drive traffic to the offer, and start earning money online through high-ticket sales, recurring income, and other opportunities.

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What is the Free Simpler Traffic Book?

Early in October 2023, Chris and Jay introduced Simpler Traffic to the world with the launch of a free book.

Just enter your email address into the online form at SimplerTraffic.com to get immediate access to the eBook. The eBook provides further details about the Simpler Traffic method and how it works.

The 74-page book, written by Chris and Jay, explains the Simpler Traffic and introduces The $100K Boring Challenge. You’ll discover “how to make $102,390+ in profit per year in any niche using a boring 15+ year old method and get A.I. to do the heavy lifting.”

In the book, you’ll discover Chris and Jay’s five-step system for launching a website that could generate $100,000 per year in sales – including how to find a niche, pick the right offer for that niche, and create the best content for that niche.

What is the Simpler Traffic Webinar?

After entering your email address into the online form at SimplerTraffic.com, you’ll also be asked to participate in a Simpler Traffic webinar.

That webinar takes place around 7pm EST most days of the week. The team may open other time slots based on demand.

During the webinar, Chris and Jay introduce the Simpler Traffic method and explain how it works. You’ll learn how the duo setup 6-figure digital cash flow assets in 90 days – and manage those assets with just 1 to 2 hours of work per month.

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What is the $100K Boring Challenge?

The core of the Simpler Traffic program involves the $100K Boring Challenge.

In this “challenge,” Jay and Chris walk you through the steps needed to launch a $100,000 per year business online using artificial intelligence and proven traffic generation strategies.

Here’s how that challenge works:

Phase #1: You Select a Boring Niche: There are plenty of untapped niches available online. Some of the best niches are in boring areas. They’re overlooked because they’re boring – but that makes them a good opportunity. Chris and Jay recommend finding niches with:

  • Zero to low competition
  • Urgent problems requiring urgent solutions
  • Lots of money being spent and profits to be made
  • Trending upwards and growing in demand
  • Easy access to free buyer traffic

Phase #2: You Select a Boring Offer: Next, Chris and Jay want to find boring offers in those niches. Choose an offer based on the amount of commission. A $17 offer may not sound impressive – until you realize you’re getting 50 to 100% commissions on that offer. Or, a 4% commission might not sound great – until you realize it’s for an $8,000 floating dock. Some of the best, most lucrative offers are in boring spaces.

Phase #3: You Select Some Boring Topics: What are people asking about but nobody is answering? If you can find a source of unmet demand on the internet, then you’ll succeed with online marketing. In fact, you can break into even the most competitive niches by finding unsolved questions. Jay and Chris recommend using hyper targeted content to break into small areas of larger niches. These small areas may have unaddressed demand are could be lucrative.

Phase #4: You Deploy a 60-Second Mini-Site: You don’t need to be a master web developer to succeed with Simpler Traffic and the $100K Boring Challenge. Instead, Jay and Chris teach you how to make a mini site, then launch that site in 60 seconds. These mini sites could be something as simple as an article or advertorial. It’s a single page that pushes people to your offer. Jay and Chris recommend launching your own mini site because it can accrue in value over time, and you could eventually sell it for 2 to 5x your annual profit.

Phase #5: You Activate the “Traffic Cyborg”: For the fifth and final step, you drive traffic to your offer by activating the “traffic cyborg.” You’ve done all the boring stuff. Now, it’s time to push quality traffic to your offer. To do that, you need to produce “boring content” – and lots of it. But you’re not going to write it yourself; you’re going to use AI to produce things like:

  • News articles
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcast ads
  • Infographics
  • Slide shows

Ultimately, the $100K Boring Challenge system involves combining proven digital marketing practices with the power of AI to launch high-converting offers. By following the five-step process, you could “make $102,390+ in profit per year” even in a boring niche, according to Jay and Chris.

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Who is Chris Munch?

Simpler Traffic was co-created by Chris Munch.

Chris started his online business in 2008 while still in college working 12+ hour days. He’s best-known for launching AmpiFire, which he grew into an 8-figure business and used to teach 20,000+ customers worldwide.

Over the years, Chris has sold over 200,000 digital and physical products online while generating more than 100 million website visitors. He has also helped more than 30,000 entrepreneurs start or grow their own online business.

Who is Jay Cruiz

Jay is the co-founder of the $100K Boring Challenge, a partner at AmpiFire, and the co-creator of Simpler Traffic.

Jay has driven over 8 figures in sales online while helping businesses and beginners profit using AmpiFire’s unique content distribution strategy. He’s also created hundreds of 5, 6, and 7-figure success stories teaching students what he knows.

Final Word

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz have launched a new traffic generation system called Simpler Traffic, part of the $100K Boring Challenge.

Launching throughout October, Simpler Traffic involves tapping into a quality source of traffic to generate huge returns in any niche. That traffic source is available for free, takes just 1 to 2 hours per month to run, and works with any offer.

You can use that traffic source to drive traffic to your $100K Boring Challenge offer.

To learn more about Simpler Traffic or to sign up to learn more today, visit the official website.


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