I had to laugh reading culverts are chief reason salmon aren’t coming back. Please, please start using your thinking caps.

First, a five gallon bucket of salmon roe is currently valued at over $40,000 — forty thousand dollars.

Second, a major Seattle newspaper has been observed running help wanted ads for salmon roe inspectors.

Third, wooden crates marked export salmon roe have been observed in Grays Harbor.

Fourth, approximately 30 years ago salmon roe was prominently featured atop a new fad food, sushi.

Fifth, and this oughta burn your ass, associates who have been working at Western Washington fish hatcheries, both state and native, tell me the same this. Since the early ’90s they’ve witnessed salmon roe being removed from the fish — then shipped out.

Sixth, if the salmon eggs aren’t staying in our rivers, and I don’t mean by way of the final native runs, which have swallowed barbless hooks and then die anyway. Thanks to the Washington Fish and Game Department and their idiotic catch and release meddling. Floating dead, back down stream, loaded with full skains. Collateral damage.

The salmon are never coming back no matter how many dams we breech or culverts we replace.

Norske Copstead