Shores wants feedback for a crosswalk on Point Brown

A new crosswalk for the busiest street in Ocean Shores, but where to put it?

The city of Ocean shores is considering installing a crosswalk to get pedestrians across its busiest street. Administrators are asking the public where they would like to see a new pedestrian crosswalk over Point Brown Avenue. Public Works Director Nick Bird said they have been exploring options for marked pedestrian crossings between Shoal Street and the Chance a La Mer roundabout.

The four-lane two-way road starts at the entrance to the city and currently has no crosswalks, creating congestion and sometimes confusion on Point Brown Ave as tourists and locals blend vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the year.

“Without designated crosswalks, people often cross the street where they need to in order to get to their destination,” explained Bird. The city is looking to fund at least one pedestrian crossing along Point Brown Avenue to increase the safety for crossing pedestrians and reduce conflicts with vehicular traffic.

“There’s a lot of activity, a lot of destinations for pedestrians along here.” said Senior Project Manager Brad Shea spoke to the city council on the matter at their last meeting. The city contracted with SCJ Alliance last summer to evaluate the section of Point Brown Avenue from Shoal Street to the roundabout intersection at East Chance A La Mer NE. “Some of the common considerations that we saw along this corridor were potential drainage challenges, there’s a lot of parking and access that we have to look out for each of the businesses, existing utilities and infrastructure.” Shay said the city also benefits from the large median, “that we can use to move people from side to side north to south to control where those landings are.”

The project study explained that they sketched six crossing alternatives at various points along the corridor, then shared these options with business and property owners and asked for feedback based on their experiences and local knowledge of the challenges faced by walkers, cyclists, and vehicles along Point Brown Avenue.

The study suggesting four alternative locations for six crossings has been completed, and is available online. The draft alternatives analysis indicated that the best performing option for a pedestrian crossing would be #2, between the Playtime Family Fun Center, The Boardwalk Shops, and Pacific Paradise to the west on Minard Avenue.

Bird told the city council that the probable cost for the new crosswalk was about $200,000 and that the city had budgeted $150,000 to date. The City is inviting residents, visitors, pedestrians and the traveling public to provide feedback on alternatives that have been considered through an online public engagement tool available through May 18.

How to Comment

The project report and public comment tools are available online, links can be found in the Latest News section of the city’s website

Free temporary internet access for those who want to participate but do not have broadband service is available at the Ocean Shores Library located at 573 Point Brown Avenue. Computers are available for use Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. Free Wi-Fi is also available at the Ocean Shores Library 24 hours a day. Questions about internet access at the library can be addressed by library staff at 360-289-3919.

Due to the Governor’s Stay Home — Stay Healthy Order issued on March 23, 2020 the city does not plan to host a public information or comment portion beyond the online components. However, if you or someone you know is unable to provide feedback online, the city’s public works department will take comment over the phone or accept written comments, and all of the online materials can be provided in hard-copy format.

Contact information:

Robert Lund P.E., Project Lead

Phone: (360) 940-7633


Mail: Robert Lund, Public Works Department

165 Ocean Lake Way SE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569