Sheriff’s Office arrests suspect in attempted abduction case

The man suspected of attempting to abduct and kidnap a 20-year-old woman in Montesano last week was arrested by officers from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office earlier Tuesday morning.

According to Montesano Police Chief Brett Vance, the man in custody is 41-year-old Isaac Gusman, whose name was released in a flier from Montesano Police yesterday that linked him to the crime.

Gusman had last been seen on Monday morning in Mason County on the Matlock-Brady Road driving a blue Chevrolet Avalanche, according to the flier. The update also said Gusman may have been living in the woods near the Mason County and Grays Harbor County line.

The alleged attempt to abduct and kidnap the woman occurred last Wednesday in Montesano at approximately 8:15 p.m. The woman was walking near the intersection of Church Street and McBryde Avenue when it happened.

Vance said he would release more information about the arrest later on Tuesday.