Result still out on excess levy for Ocosta SD

Ballot counting by election officials has votes for the proposal dead even

A property tax levy known as Proposition 2, which would raise money for health, safety and energy efficiency improvements for the Ocosta School District, is tied at 591 votes in favor and 591 against in the vote totals released Friday by Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. The school district covers parts of both counties.

In Grays Harbor County, the levy was failing by a count of 501 to 467. In Pacific County the vote was 124 to 90 in favor of the levy.

Such levies require a 50-percent=plus-one-vote margin to pass.

Ocosta’s Proposition 1 appears likely to be approved with a districtwide total of 625 votes, 53 percent, approving the replacement funding levy.

Elections officials in both counties need to be through with the vote-counting process so results for the Feb. 14 Special Election can be certified on Friday.