Port terminal company changes name, not plans for oil facility

  • Mon Oct 31st, 2016 10:00pm
  • News

The company proposing an oil storage and distribution facility at its existing Port of Grays Harbor operation has changed its name. Westway Group LLC became Contanda LLC Monday afternoon, but that will not affect the company’s efforts to secure all the permits needed for the project.

“Overall, the name change building on the 60-year history of the company does not impact the Westway, now Contanda, Grays Harbor terminal expansion in any manner,” said spokesman David Richey. “The company is still moving forward with the project to meet all local, state and federal requirements to build the project safely.” According to a statement released by the company, the name change coincides with the corporate office move from New Orleans, La. to Houston, Texas.

Friends and foes of the project are awaiting a decision on the City of Hoquiam’s shorelines permit application, but that is just the first in a long list of permissions needed from local, state and federal entities before the project can proceed.

The list of permits is outlined in Contanda’s (still called Westway on the application) Hoquiam shorelines permit application and cover everything from potential impacts on fish and wildlife to local approval of safety, prevention and, in the event of a spill or other disaster, emergency response plans from local emergency responders. And if any one of the agencies deny any one of the project’s permits? “Each permit in the process is required to begin construction and then to operate the project,” said Richey.

In addition to the shorelines permit, the City of Hoquiam, if it does approve it, would then have to approve a conditional land use permit, a building permit, a grade and fill permit and a demolition permit, along with the approval of the fire department.

The City of Aberdeen must grant its own permits for the project to proceed: their own critical areas review, building permit, grade and fill permit, and fire department approval. Then the required Dept. of Ecology National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction Stormwater General, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Notice of Registration Update, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Industrial Stormwater permits.

Public comments on the initial shorelines permit with the City of Hoquiam must be received by Nov. 19. The earliest a decision can be made by the city regarding the permit is Nov. 20.