Monte bank robbery attempt results in arrest

Stun gun deployed. Suspect booked on previous felony warrant.

A male suspect has been booked into Grays Harbor County Jail following an attempted robbery in Montesano on Friday, Oct. 7.

The suspect approached a teller at Our Community Credit Union on Pioneer Avenue in Montesano at about 3:30 p.m. and put a note on the counter demanding money.

Before the teller could comply, the man took the note and left the credit union.

“I don’t know what happened — if the suspect got nervous or what,” Montesano Police Chief Brett Vance said.

Officers arrived and reviewed surveillance video and photos of the suspect. The suspect was known to the Montesano officers.

“We hadn’t had issues with him, but we knew of him,” Vance said.

Once the suspect was identified, the police department determined he had a Department of Corrections felony warrant. Officers from the Montesano Police Department with officers from the Department of Corrections located the suspect at a residence outside of Montesano.

The suspect resisted, according to Vance, and a stun gun was used.

“We requested aid because we don’t remove the stun gun probes once they’re in the skin, but he wasn’t transported to a hospital and he was booked into the jail,” Vance explained. “He didn’t go willfully, but he’s booked into the jail.”

The suspect was in custody by 5:09 p.m.

Vance added bank staff had noticed the suspect acting strange outside of the bank before the robbery attempt.

As of Friday, Oct. 7, the suspect was booked on his felony warrant. The Montesano Police Department planed to file attempted robbery charges on Monday, Oct. 10.