Grays Harbor Community Hospital postpones elective surgeries

  • Fri Mar 20th, 2020 3:00pm
  • News

Grays Harbor Community Hospital and Harbor Medical Group have suspended elective and non-emergency surgeries effective immediately due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The hospital also announced new procedures for taking patient information and for paying bills in person. Those are detailed below.

The hospital said the decision to suspend elective and non-emergency surgeries is based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control, American College of Surgeons and Surgeon General’s Office. Procedures will only be postponed when a three-month delay would not cause patient harm, a news release said.

“This decision was unanimously agreed upon by the Department of Surgery and Administration at Grays Harbor Community Hospital for the protection of our patients and to preserve staff and equipment,” said Dr. Rachel Sell, a surgeon at the hospital. “We want to reassure our patients and our community that we continue to be available and prepared for any of your urgent or emergent surgical needs. This includes unscheduled procedures for patients that come through the emergency room, as well as scheduled procedures for cancers or other progressive surgical conditions.”

Those with questions about whether they need an urgent surgery or procedure, should contact the office of their surgeon or primary care provider. Anyone with a canceled or rescheduled appointment will be notified as soon as possible, according to the hospitl. The hospital will begin to reschedule surgeries “as soon as we have gained control of the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a statement.

New procedure for requesting patient information

1. If possible, please fill out this form before arrival:

2. Submit form and present a matching Photo ID to the entry staff person at the main lobby.

3. If you have a cell phone with you, you will be asked to return to your car.

4. If you do not have a cell phone you can wait in the lobby.

5. Records will be brought up to registration and you will be contacted.

New procedure for paying your bill in person

The hospital asks that, if possible, you choose options 1,2, or 3 rather than coming in.

1. You can pay online at:

2. If you want to make a credit card payment by phone, please call: 855-459-5117

3. If you want to make payment by check mail it to:

Grays Harbor Community Hospital

915 Anderson Drive

Aberdeen, WA 98520

4. If you need to make a cash payment, we ask that you please call ahead:

360-537-4183 or


You will be asked to wait outside or in the area between the sliding glass doors while the entry staff person informs registration to call the financial counselors. The financial counselors will come to the front doors, accept the payment and provide a hand written receipt for the patient.

“We are trying to reduce the opportunity for infection in as many ways as possible while still maintaining services for those who need them,” the release said.