Forest Service invests $331K in Grays Harbor

The USDA Forest Service announced it is issuing more than $232 million through the agency’s Secure Rural Schools program, including $331,000 for Grays Harbor County.

This includes over $63 million in investments to support public schools, and roads in the Pacific Northwest Region, which encompasses the states of Oregon and Washington.

“The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most iconic national forests in the country, and the Secure Rural Schools program ensures these public lands continue to benefit the surrounding communities,” said Jacqueline Buchanan, Regional Forester for the Pacific Northwest Region of the Forest Service. “These funds are vital for rural counties that rely on the stewardship of our national forests and the Forest Service is proud to work with local leaders to maximize the impact of this critical program across the region.”

Washington will receive a total of $15.2 million. Oregon will receive $48 million in Secure Rural Schools payments, the highest amount among all states.

These funds will provide critical support for schools, roads, and other essential services in rural communities across the Pacific Northwest that are home to national forests.

Over the past 10 years, the Forest Service has distributed $2.4 billion through the Secure Rural Schools program nationwide. The Forest Service retains some of the funding to support projects that improve forest conditions and support jobs in rural communities, with input from local resource advisory committees.