Here’s the B-6 we owe you

Duplicate pages printed in 9/19/18 edition

In Wednesday’s print edition of the paper, you’re going to see two, identical page 3’s in the B section. It’s not because B-3 was so good we wanted you to have two, we messed up and repeated page 3 where page 6 should have been.

So, we owe you a B-6. You can go to the website,, and see it in two places. It will be at the top of the website homepage, and in our e-edition. To view the e-edition, go to the top left of the homepage, where it says Menu. Click on menu and one of the options on a drop down menu is Printed Editions. Click on that to see today’s print newspaper in electronic form.

Our apologies for making you work so hard to find it.