Silencil Reviews: Does It Work?

People across the country experience ringing in their ears for unknown reasons, and that ringing wouldn’t go away no matter what they did. No amount of consultations with the doctor worked, and the prescribed medications weren’t of any help either. Inflammation in the brain is one of the main causes of tinnitus and other health problems that accompany it, and Silencil has been formulated to address this problem from the root cause.

That problem that those people face is referred to as tinnitus.

One main thing about tinnitus is that it is not a huge problem by itself. Nonetheless, it should be taken very seriously because it is a condition of another underlying problem that could be dangerous.

In simple words, tinnitus is not ringing in your ears, but it is the perception of ringing in your ears, and that is one reason why normal medicines don’t work quite a lot of the time.

Tinnitus can be an underlying condition for ear damage, age-related hearing loss, or brain problems.

Several studies were conducted on tinnitus, and it was found that it can also be an underlying condition for a problem in the brain’s network. Meaning it could be a problem related to the connections in the brain (synapses). To get a better picture, think of it as a disruption or a disturbance in the brain’s network.

If you want to get a better understanding, think of it this way, if you try to switch on the radio or the television during a rainy day, you are bound to experience some disturbance, which is evident in the form of static noise (buzzing) in the television or the radio. This happens mainly when there is a disturbance in the connection. Now think of the television as the brain; when there is a disturbance in the connection of the brain’s network, the chances of getting a ringing noise in your ears is very high. The communication lines of the brain are also known as “synapses.”

The reason why tinnitus can be dangerous if left untreated is because it can lead to several different ailments that could affect your everyday life, for instance, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental exhaustion, Parkinson’s disease, fatigue, depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, and several other problems too.

There are several cases where individuals also get suicidal thoughts because of the unending ringing in the ear.

People do several things to get rid of tinnitus, but as you may have guessed, not all treatments work effectively. Medical treatments tend to be very expensive. Therefore, not many people can afford it, and the same goes for sound therapy. When it comes to the prescribed medication, it does not help much because the effects of the prescribed medications are short term, and they tend to mask the symptoms, but they do not solve the problem from the root, and the same goes with hearing aid. It masks the ringing but does not solve the problem.

Several supplements are available, but you can be sure that most of them come with harmful side effects that may harm the body even more. Furthermore, these supplements may contain harmful toxins.

But here is a message that may bring you relief, Silencil is one supplement that will provide you relief from tinnitus for good, and as a cherry on top, it is made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

What is Silencil Tinnitus Supplement?

Silencil is a hearing aid supplement with a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to eradicate the symptoms linked to hearing-related issues such as tinnitus. According to the official website, the formula in Silencil works by eliminating any viral accumulations that may be present in the cranial centers and mitigating any symptoms related to neural inflammation that one may be experiencing.

Furthermore, some of the other core facets of the product include:

1. Hearing Optimization: In addition to helping users recover from the debilitating effects of tinnitus, Silencil also contains several natural compounds that may be able to bolster one’s overall aural abilities within a matter of 5-21 days.

2. Memory Enhancement: One of the more underrated facets of Silencil is that it may be useful in enhancing the efficacy of brain receptors, thus allowing users to increase their memory retention capacity. Not only that, but the manufacturer also claims that daily use may help strengthen brain function in its users.

3. Quality: As per the product label, each bottle of Silencil is produced in a facility that is routinely audited by the FDA. Not only that, the production facilities adhere to quality standards outlined in the cGMP; as a result, users can be sure that each serving of Silencil contains exactly what’s mentioned on the bottle.

4. Natural: As mentioned in an earlier section, all of the compounds present in Silencil have been derived naturally, such that there is no trace of any GMO-derived substances in the supplement.

5. Fast Acting: While this claim cannot be verified by us, the manufacturer claims the supplement can deliver tangible results in as little as 5-15 days. However, for long-lasting benefits, the supplement should be used for a minimum of at least 3 months.

As per a whale host of data released by the Hearing Health Foundation earlier this year, it is estimated that issues related to hearing loss (tinnitus in particular) currently affect 1 in every 5 Americans, so much so that it is currently estimated that a whopping 48 million people in the country are faced with this issue. On a global scale, it is estimated that nearly 477 million suffer from hearing loss.

Some of the other key stats worth highlighting in this regard include:

Tinnitus and other similar hearing loss issues are two of the most common problems faced by war veterans worldwide.

3 in every 1000 babies in the U.S. are born with a hearing loss impediment.

Also, before proceeding any further, it would be beneficial for our readers to learn about tinnitus. In its most basic sense, tinnitus can be thought of as a hearing ailment that causes individuals to hear a constant ringing/buzzing sound in their ears. As mentioned earlier, it affects ~10% of Americans regularly — with roughly 90 percent of cases arising from some underlying issues such as constant exposure to noise, bacterial infections, trauma, certain genetic factors occur, ototoxic medications, aural degeneration caused due to aging.

That being said, one can think of Silencil as being an all-new hearing optimizer that contains a natural blend of 28 plant extracts that have been found to work on the root cause of tinnitus, thereby allowing users to obtain immediate relief from the painful condition.

As per the official company website, one of the primary issues that have been found to cause tinnitus is brain inflammation. In this regard, Silencil seeks to address this problem by delivering adequate nutrition (i.e., vitamins, minerals) to our cerebral centers, thus allowing for any damaged nerve cell present in our brain to heal fairly rapidly.

A Closer Look at Silencil

Silencil is one supplement that can cure tinnitus and can do it without the help of any toxins or chemical compounds. It is made up of all-natural ingredients, and that is why the risk of side effects is substantially reduced to almost zero. Furthermore, you do not have to wait for a long period of time to see the effects; you can see the supplement working its magic in just a couple of days.

Inflammation in the brain is one of the main causes of ear ringing and other problems that accompany it, and Silencil tinnitus support addresses that problem from the root.

This is possible because of the natural ingredients combined in the right quantities to give people the very best of results. The ingredients are procured from all over the earth from various places; this ensures that the best quality ingredients are used to make this product.

This product helps you in more than one way, like reducing stress, enhanced functioning of the brain, boosting the immune system, ensures quality sleep, energy levels boosted, strengthening important organs, reducing memory loss, and many more.

Even diabetic people can consume this supplement to prevent or cure tinnitus; Silencil is diabetic friendly.

In addition to this, Silencil is manufactured at FDA approved facilities and uses non-GMO ingredients, ensuring the consumers’ safety.


What Ingredients Make Up Silencil Pills?

As mentioned above, the ingredients used to make this supplement are all completely natural, and around 28 natural ingredients are used. Additionally, these ingredients are sourced from some of the world’s most remote locations and are combined in the most precise way to ensure great quality.

In all, Silencil comes replete with a total of 28 ingredients, with many of these being common salts and minerals that the body can obtain via a whole host of common dietary sources. However, the core active agents that make the product so uniquely strong and effective include:


As many of our regular readers may be well aware of, Skullcap is a highly potent anti-inflammatory agent that has been used traditionally for the alleviation of a wide array of inflammatory issues. In this regard, some studies have shown that when taken in conjunction with other potent herbs, it can help users with a whole host of hearing-related problems.

Not only that, Skullcap comes loaded with various highly efficacious antioxidants that can help users get rid of many problems such as tension, anxiety, stress, cognitive decline, etc. Furthermore, an increasing number of researchers across Europe and America are starting to suggest that Skullcap may be a possible remedy for a wide array of advanced mental problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.


A commonly used plant in some traditional medicines, Hawthorn has gained widespread prominence across the world in recent years due to its ability to not only help mitigate several symptoms related to tinnitus but also for its ability to regulate one’s blood pressure levels in a quick, effortless manner. Not only that, thanks to its amazing antioxidant content, it can eliminate various free radicals that may have gathered in our nerve centers, thereby allowing for better hearing.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that several people across the globe have also reported Hawthorne’s efficacy as a potent hair loss solution as well as a circulatory enhancer. Other potential benefits include enhanced digestion, reduced anxiety, increased resistance to foreign biological agents.

Oat straw

Much like its aforementioned counterparts, Oat straw, too, has gained a lot of mainstream traction in recent years, thanks in part to its ability to relieve stress that may have accumulated in one’s body over the years as a result of various unhealthy lifestyle decisions. Not only that, but regular intake of this highly potent extract can also allow users to stabilize their blood sugar levels — another factor that has been long associated with certain hearing issues such as tinnitus.

Other potential benefits include:

Researchers believe that Oat Straw has the ability to reduce inflammation that may be affecting our cranial centers as well as mitigating some mental health issues in a quick, seamless manner.

It may bolster the health of one’s heart by making the body more resistant to many viruses and bacterial infections.

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Mucuna Pruriens

While not that popular in the west, Mucuna Pruriens has been used for centuries in the east as a potent cure for various inflammatory disorders and nerve-related problems. Not only that, but it is also a natural aphrodisiac that has been clinically shown to improve fertility in men.

Some of the other benefits commonly associated with Mucuna Pruriens include increased testosterone generation, enhanced production, and faster release of a chemical called dopamine in our bodies.


Rhodiola is commonly used across Asia as a potent stress buster as well as a sexual enhancer. When brewed as a tea, it can help release any lactic acid that may have accumulated in our bodies due to strenuous exercise, tension, etc. Not only that, several studies have shown that regular intake of Rhodiola may be able to cure issues such as depression as well as boost other common human brain functions such as cognition, memory retention, etc. Lastly, some people claim that natural extract can help diabetic patients control their sugar levels.

B vitamins

As is probably known to most of our readers, B vitamins help the body with a number of its critical internal processes. To be a bit more specific, Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 are required for the facilitation of certain chemical reactions that take place in the brain. Not only that, but B1 is also used for the synthesis of complex carbohydrates that usually tend to break down into fats and are subsequently stored in our bellies.

Vitamins B2 and B6, on the other hand, are used for the optimization of one’s hearing abilities as well as for several other things such as:

They may be useful for eliminating various fats that may have festered in our bodies due to years of unhealthy eating.

They may help reduce the risk of anemia and other similar issues.

They can potentially aid in the release of dopamine in our bodies, thus allowing users to feel happy and satiated through the course of their day-to-day activities.


Potassium is an essential mineral that is required by the human body for many catalytic reactions. Not only that, but it also helps regulate the relay of many signals emanating through our nerve centers. Other benefits associated with the mineral include:

It may be useful in regulating one’s blood pressure levels via enhancing one’s heart function.

It can help flush out any excess water that may have accumulated in our bodies.

It can help revitalize our brain cells, allowing users to maximize their healing capabilities.


It is no secret that GABA has been used for decades as a potent solution for anxiety, depression, and other similar mental issues. However, over the last couple of years, some researchers are beginning to recommend the potent compound for things like:

Mood Enhancement: GABA can help in the release of Dopamine and other potent neurotransmitters that can allow users to remain calm, happy through the course of their daily activities.

ADHD Cure: Studies have shown that when administered in clinical doses, GABA may be useful in mitigating several problems that are commonly associated with ADHD.

Fat Loss: Daily ingestion of GABA may help spurring the body’s innate fat loss processes. Not only that, some bodybuilders even claim that the compound is an excellent pain-relief medium and can spur the growth of muscle fibers in one’s body in a quick, efficient manner.


As a common ingredient that is found in many healthcare supplements these days, L-theanine has been clinically found to not only release any stress that may have accumulated in our muscles, tissues but is also an excellent cognitive enhancer that can increase one’s focus levels. Some other benefits associated with L-theanine include:

It may be useful in increasing one’s immunity levels.

It can help prevent the formation of various cancers, tumors in our bodies.

Daily intake may be useful in promoting better sleep in individuals and supporting healthy blood pressure levels.


Ashwagandha has been used since time immemorial in the preparation of numerous ayurvedic medicines. When taken in conjunction with certain medicinal herbs, it has the unique ability to deliver some health benefits such as reduced blood sugar levels, increased immunity to cancerous agents, lowered cortisol levels. Not only that, several studies released since the 90s allude to the fact that Ashwagandha may be useful in dealing with anxiety, depression as well as a whole host of other mental problems.

Where Can I Buy Silencil?

The easiest, most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website — i.e., www.Silencil.com. At press time, there are a few core deals that users can choose from:

  • 1 bottle (one month’s supply) for $69.
  • 3 bottles for $177
  • 6 bottles for $294

While the last two deals feature a free shipping option, the first purchase option requires users to pay a small shipping fee. Furthermore, each purchase comes backed by a sixty-day money-back guarantee. To facilitate a refund, all one has to do is send in a request to the company via the email address provided on the company web page, and the money will be debited to one’s source account. Payments can be processed via a host of safe and secure means, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

To guarantee the money-back clause is recommended for consumers to order directly from the official company website here.