Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss Keto Gummies Scam – Urgent Consumer Update!

Oprah Weight Loss Keto Gummy Scam: Everything You Need to Know About Oprah Winfrey’s New Weight Watchers Gummies Partnership

If you believe everything you read on the internet, then Oprah Winfrey launched a new keto weight loss gummy.

According to some low-quality online sources, Oprah Winfrey launched her first ever “weight loss gummy” as part of a “partnership with Weight Watchers” after she was forced to lose 60lbs “in just weeks.”

There’s no evidence the talk show host and media mogul has ever endorsed a keto weight loss pill, formulated a keto supplement, or promoted any diet pill online. Oprah’s Keto Blast diet pill is a complete scam.

If you see anything online about Oprah launching a weight loss keto gummy, then it’s probably a scam. Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Oprah’s weight loss keto gummy scam and how it works.


What is the Oprah Weight Loss Keto Gummy?

Oprah Winfrey, the former talk show host, and business and media mogul, has reportedly launched a weight loss gummy, according to shady online sources.

Those sources, which have fabricated the entire story from top to bottom, report Oprah launching a “breakthrough weight loss gummy” by partnering with Weight Watchers.

The keto diet pill is named Keto Blast, and it purportedly uses natural ingredients to help you rapidly lose weight without diet or exercise.

All of the stories involving Oprah Keto Blast, and any other keto weight loss supplement are fake. They’re entirely made up to promote low-quality, overpriced weight loss gummies online.

Oprah Winfrey has not officially endorsed any type of keto gummy, nor has she launched any weight loss supplement in recent years. She was not forced to lose 60lbs or use a low-quality keto supplement to help her lose weight.

About the Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss Gummy Scam

The stories about Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss gummies come in a few different forms. Details vary slightly depending on which low-quality website you’re browsing.

However, here are some of the facts about Oprah’s weight loss gummies, according to the online sources that have completely invented the story:

In a 1-on-1 interview, Oprah was reportedly asked how she lost so much weight in a short period

Oprah claimed her secret was a “weight loss gummy” she developed in partnership with Weight Watchers, the decades-old weight management program.

Oprah’s doctors told her to lose 60lbs to reduce her risk of heart failure, so her team quickly got to work to develop a product to help her lose weight.

Using the weight loss gummy, which has unclear ingredients and unlisted methods of action, Oprah was able to lose 60lbs with no dieting or exercising required rapidly; Oprah just took the gummies daily, then lost weight effortlessly.

In before-and-after images appearing online, we see a much thinner Oprah after completing her weight loss journey.

Oprah, who has been invested in Weight Watchers since 2015, contacted the CEO of Weight Watchers directly with an ultimatum: Oprah told the CEO she needed a product that could help her lose weight without dieting or exercising or she was “backing out of my investment and moving on.”

The story is complete with Photoshopped images of Oprah appearing to promote the scam on Instagram. For example, in an Instagram post with “63,7921” likes, Oprah shares that the weight loss pill was part of a “passion project” launched in 2021. Oprah, who does have an active Instagram, has never promoted a diet pill on her page.

The story also appears on a website designed to look like Time (Time.com) or Time Magazine. The website has a similar layout and an identical logo, and it’s designed to trick visitors into thinking they’re reading an actual news article. All of this can be avoided by simply buying a real keto weight loss gummy that has nothing to do with Oprah Winfrey.

Keto Blast is Oprah’s Weight Loss Gummy Scam

The goal of the Oprah keto weight loss gummy scam is to convince you to buy an overhyped diet pill called Keto Blast.

The makers of Keto Blast, or someone affiliated with Keto Blast, appear to have created a marketing campaign around Oprah promoting the diet pill. That marketing campaign includes using Oprah’s likeness and image to encourage Keto Blast, inventing fake stories about Oprah’s weight loss results, and creating an entirely fake story on a website that appears to be a legitimate news source.

Here are some of the fast facts about Keto Blast and how it works, according to the fake news website promoting the hoax:

  • You take Keto Blast once per day in the evening
  • Keto Blast works in the evening while you sleep
  • The formula contains a blend of ketosis-inducing ingredients combined with apple cider vinegar

Oprah developed Keto Blast in partnership with Weight Watchers; she approached Weight Watchers and demanded they create a formula to help people lose weight without dieting or exercising, so Weight Watchers decided to develop one.

Be Wary of Supplements That Claim to Help You Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

Everyone would like to lose weight without dieting or exercising.

Dieting and exercising are hard. It takes willpower, repeated effort, and a commitment to suppressing your daily urges.

That’s why you should be wary of any diet pill, claiming they help you lose weight without diet and exercise.

According to the fake Oprah Winfrey keto promotional article, the makers of Keto Blast wanted to create a supplement to help people lose a lot of weight without requiring any effort whatsoever. They wanted a product you could take daily to lose significant weight rapidly.

According to fake website sources, Oprah demanded a weight loss supplement that worked without dieting and exercising. Here’s how she demanded the creation of the supplement:

“Diet and exercise are good and healthy, but when you need to lose weight as fast as possible, like I had to, you need something that’s going to accelerate the process. “

Oprah approached the CEO of Weight Watchers with a request. If they couldn’t create a supplement to help her rapidly lose weight without dieting or exercising, then she would withdraw her investment:

“The calorie counting and diets at Weight Watchers were not cutting it. So, I called the CEO of Weight Watchers and said, ‘if you can’t create a product that helps people lose weight faster without diet and exercise, then I’m backing out of my investment and moving on.”

All of this negotiation took place back in 2021. In a fake Instagram post promoting the scam, Oprah described it as a “passion project.”

Keto Blast Has “Already Helped Millions of People” Lose Weight, According to the Online Scam

According to the scam website, Keto Blast is one of the best-selling diet pills in history: the formula has helped “millions of people melt huge amounts of body fat,” according to online sources.

Oprah created the weight loss supplement not to make money, but to help people lose vast amounts of weight without effort, exercising, or dieting.

That’s why Oprah deliberately priced the supplement at a 90% discount, according to online sources. She wants to ensure as many people have access to the weight loss scam as possible.

How Keto Diet Pills Work

Keto diet pills aren’t all scams: some keto diet pills legitimately help you lose weight.

The best keto diet pills support a healthy exercise and diet program, accelerating your weight loss goals to help you maximize fat burning.

Although there’s no evidence Keto Blast is safe, effective, or endorsed by Oprah, other keto diet pills are backed by benefits like:

  • Raise ketone levels in your body to encourage your body to burn fat
  • Remain in ketosis as long as possible to burn fat 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Use natural ingredients like beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketones to accelerate fat burning
  • Lose weight while maintaining your current diet and exercise routine
  • Enjoy sustainable weight loss results instead of short-term fat-burning or water loss

Keto diet pills are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, that has led to a rise in keto diet pill scams. Many of these keto diet pill scams drown out legitimate products, making it difficult to see what works and doesn’t.

The Science Behind Keto Diet Pills

There’s even legitimate scientific evidence behind keto diet pills. Researchers have shown that a specific combination of ingredients can induce keto-like effects in your body.

In this 2009 study [1], for example, researchers found a ketogenic diet pill possible: there was no simple weight loss shortcut to induce ketosis immediately. However, certain ingredients could make it easier for your body to enter ketosis and remain fat-burning as long as possible.

Other studies have validated the effects of the keto diet in both the short-term and long-termfor weight loss. In this 2004 study [2], for example, researchers tested the results of the ketogenic diet over 24 weeks. Researchers found people who followed a high-fat, low-carb diet over a long period lost significant weight, lowered their blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and enjoyed other significant benefits without apparent side effects.

The keto diet is backed by science, proving it can help people lose weight when following a healthy diet and exercise program, and keto diet pills have been shown to promote certain weight loss benefits. However, there’s no evidence that Keto Blast or other keto weight loss scams exhibit any of these effects.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Oprah’s Keto Blast?

According to the online Oprah weight loss supplement scam website, people have lost enormous amounts of weight in a short period using Keto Blast.

Oprah claims to have rapidly lost 60lbs using the formula, for example, while others claim to have lost massive amounts of weight with no effort required. The supplement has purportedly helped “millions” of people burn fat.

Here are some of the weight loss claims featured online:

  • One person claims to have lost 17lbs in 14 days by taking Oprah’s Keto Blast gummies
  • Another person claims she lost 28lbs in 31 days by taking Oprah’s Keto Blast gummies

In before-and-after images featured on the scam website, we see people losing anywhere from 10lbs to 50lbs or more in a short period by taking the keto gummies.

The supplement targets men and women who want to lose weight; However, Oprah developed the formula for herself (according to the scam website), and anyone can purportedly use the formula to enjoy powerful weight loss results.

Overall, most users report losing around 0.5lbs to 1lb per day using Oprah’s Keto Blast without dieting, exercising, or exerting any effort whatsoever.

As with all other information on the Oprah Keto Blast scam website, none of these weight loss results appear legitimate. The creator of the scam seems to have used other peoples’ weight loss images to promote the fraud online.

Keto Blast is Neither Safe Nor Effective

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not individually review online supplements.

Oprah’s purported keto diet pill, Keto Blast, has not been proven safe or effective by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

Reputable keto diet pills are available today with proven ingredients, transparent labels, and US-based manufacturing centers.

However, because the Keto Blast scam promoters have invented everything related to the product (like Oprah’s endorsement and the purported weight loss benefits), the ingredients are unlikely to be effective or even safe.

Some diet pills contain high levels of caffeine, for example, to trick you into thinking they’re working.

Keto Blast and other scammy keto diet pills may contain dangerous ingredients. Other diet pills contain banned ingredients like ephedrine. These ingredients have been banned for their heart attack risk.


Final Word: Don’t Fall for the Oprah Weight Loss Keto Gummy Scam

To promote an overpriced weight loss supplement called Keto Blast, someone has launched a fake marketing campaign featuring Oprah Winfrey promoting the supplement’s benefits.

According to these websites, Oprah teamed up with Weight Watchers to create a diet pill that helped her lose 60lbs in a short period without dieting or exercising.

There’s no evidence Oprah has ever taken, used, endorsed, or created a weight loss gummy or keto diet pill. The Oprah weight loss gummy promotion is a complete scam to convince you to buy an unproven weight loss supplement that may not be safe.

To buy a legitimate product that is voted one of the best keto gummies on the market, click here now.


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