Erase My Back Pain Reviews: Does Back to Life Complete Healthy Back System Work?

Back to Life -The Complete Healthy Back System is a 3-phase program designed to “unlock the body’s natural alignment” for a healthier, pain-free back. According to the program’s creators, Back to Life can strengthen your back, improve posture, and relieve even the most troubling back pain.

If you are struggling with back pain, soreness, or have poor posture, then Back to Life may be the right program to help you eliminate your pain for good.

What Exactly is Back to Life – The Complete Healthy Back System?

Back to Life is a natural back pain relief system that takes just under ten minutes each day. Emily Lark developed the system; she is a certified RYT, whose experience with thousands of clients led her to develop the system so that everybody can relieve their back pain without having to undergo expensive, dangerous surgical procedures.

According to Lark, her system uses simple stretches to help relieve pressure on the spine, realign your spine, and strengthen the spine. It takes just a few minutes per day to directly address the root cause of back pain so that individuals are pain-free and more mobile.

According to Emily Lark, priced at just $37.00, her program has several pain relief benefits such as:

Relief from sore and stiffened muscles – Sore and stiff muscles can become a distant bad memory. The Back to Life -The Complete Healthy Back System allows its users all they need to stop the body to relieve physical stress and return to living life once again.

Have more money and time each day– The resources included in the Back to Life system can be accomplished with just a few minutes or less each day at home. No more doctor or specialist visits that can take away from the day.

Reduced Stress – Stress on the body causes cortisol hormone levels to rise; as we all know, cortisol can cause weight gain, which places additional stress on muscles in the back and can lead to tension in the muscles. The Back to Life program supports reducing stress and releasing the built-up tension to allow the body to function at its best.

Fix the Happiness HormoneRecent research found chronic back pain causes reduced serotonin levels. Serotonin affects everything in the body, from digestion to ensuring brain cells can properly communicate signals from the nervous system. Emily Lark’s program can help relieve pain but support overall energy and lift moods.

Renewed Lifestyle – When the back hurts, everything in the body hurts; it can feel as if daily activities will never be accomplished. Most back pain sufferers are forced not to exercise, walk through the park, or do other activities that keep them in shape. The Back to Life program helps individuals remain active without pain back while getting some daily exercise. The Back to Life system is compelling enough to renew the entire body, not just the back.

Realign the Joints and Spine – When the joints and spine are not aligned, the body is physically incapable of many everyday things. The Back to Life program by Emily Lark supports the restoration from damage caused by past injuries, improves the immune system, protects the nerves and discs while reducing stress on the joints.

Who can Benefit from the Back to Life System?

With the launch of the Back to Life System, individuals worldwide have used the Back to Life program to erase back pain. Adults of all ages will find the relief they have been searching for in treating back pain and more.

The Back to Life System can provide practical pain relief benefits for anyone with frequent back pain, tense muscles, sciatic nerve problems, or herniated discs. The stretching exercises found in the Back to Life program provide users relief from sciatica nerve pain and back-related pain and stiffness with many ways that those who are unable to move freely will find some of the stretches provide instructions using a chair.

Advantages of the Back to Life System

There are a variety of treatment methods to treat back pain. Some involve prescription drugs or surgeries, weekly visits to a doctor, and some require daily exercises. But how is the Back to Life System more effective than other treatment options?

By discovering the root cause of back pain: Many times, back pain is caused by weakened muscles, weight gain, and extreme pressure put on the spine. No system or treatment offered today for back pain can effectively address back pain issues. This system directly addresses both of these issues to provide back pain relief from your own home.

There are no dangerous drugs: Prescription painkillers may relieve your back pain and always be required to keep using them for relief; this leads to addiction. The Back to Life system uses only simple stretches instead of drugs to relieve the pain.

No surgical procedures needed: Surgical procedures can be helpful but come with plenty of risks. Some surgical procedures end up significantly impairing your Life while may never completely fix the problem. The Back to Life System requires no surgeries or medical procedures.

It’s quick and straightforward to use: This system can be used daily and within just ten minutes or less. The Back to Life system is a system that is easy to use and follow along in your own home.

What’s Included in the Back to Life Program

If you purchase the digital Back to Life program, then you’ll receive everything you need to relieve back pain for good. This is what you’ll receive if you choose to purchase the digital program:

The 3-Level Back to Life Program: The main program is meant to relieve your back pain. It contains a ten-minute healthy back seated routine you can perform at home or work with ease. It has in-depth demonstrations to alleviate pressure on the sciatica nerve, gentle stretches to relieve tense muscles, and cutting edge core moves to tighten the stomach and support the spine.

Free Bonus #1 – The back to Life Full-Color Companion Manual: This bonus manual gives you the same therapeutic, healthy back moves with full-color instructional pictures. This is ideal if you cannot watch the videos but still want to stretch your back for some reason.

Free Bonus #2 – The Healthy Back Checklist: The Healthy Back Checklist contains a collection of simple tricks you can use throughout your day for a pain-free back. It includes proven tips for a healthier back, such as the best sleep position for healthy hips and spine, the simple way to stand that stops aches and pains, diet and nutrition tips to ease pain, proper footwear to reduce lower back pain, and much more.

All orders come with both of these bonuses at no cost to you. The manufacturer claims that these free bonuses are valued at $29 apiece.

Back to Life Pricing & Guarantee

Back to Life, Healthy Back System for back pain relief can be ordered on the official website at healthybackfix.com.

The Complete Back to Life digital program is available in two different versions:

  • Digital download only: Includes the 3-Level Back to Live Videos and bonus eBooks
  • Physical products + digital download: Includes the 3-Level Back Life Video DVDs, bonus eBooks, and digital downloads.

Both versions are currently priced at $37.00 each. However, the physical products come with a small shipping & handling charge if you choose this option. Regardless of which option you select, you’re covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your order, customers can contact the company through ClickBank by email or phone at:

  • Phone Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035
  • Phone International: 1-208-345-4245
  • Order Support Email: cs@clickbank.com
  • Program Support Email: support@backtolifesystem.com
  • Company Address: 5940 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 400 #45247 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118-2507

Final Recap

The Back to Life – Completely Healthy Back System may be a relatively new program to relieve back pain, but it has already paid off dividends to thousands of men and women. These simple stretching exercises directly address the root cause of back pain to help you get rid of it for good.

If you’re someone who has been struggling with back pain, soreness, or sciatic issues, then the Back to Life System may be exactly what you need to eliminate your back pain for good finally. To order the system or learn more about how the program can help, visit healthybacksystem.com.


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