Aurabi Boomerang Ball Reviews – Does It Work or Fake Flying Toy?

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is a floating toy that consumers can play with indoors or outdoors. The website is having a promotion right now that offers up to 50% off for customers who buy multiple balls.

What is the Aurabi Boomerang Ball?

The holiday season is in full swing, and many people are shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Everyone wants a way to offer something new and unique, rather than the tried and true gift baskets or blankets and robes. Even though plenty of adults seem mature through the holiday season, everyone’s inner child lights up just a little when they find a new toy. This year, consumers have the opportunity to try out the Aurabi Boomerang Ball.

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball isn’t like any other sports ball. Rather than just tossing it to someone, or stealing it while dribbling, this ball soars through the air in smooth flight. It is shaped to be the ideal size for throwing or catching, and it even works when other Aurabi Boomerang Balls are being thrown. Plus, as it flies, it lights up with beautiful colors as it soars away and then back to the user.

With a fast-charging battery, users will be able to fly this ball throughout the day. It offers incredible durability, which means that users won’t have to worry that they’ll break it as soon as someone misses their catch. It is so durable that kids can even enjoy the fun with adult supervision. Some people even keep it on hand to use like a magic trick for people who have never seen it before.

How It Works

With the many videos on the website that demonstrate this ball’s flight, consumers might wonder what the trick is. Luckily, there is no trick! The special technology inside the Aurabi Boomerang Ball provides all of the mechanisms necessary so that the user just has to throw. As the user shakes it, they provide the trigger needed to start up the flight mechanism.

The user will know the ball is ready when it can hover above their hand, which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Once they throw the ball, it follows their hand’s trajectory to create the movement that will control its own path. The movement takes the ball back to the user, allowing them to play for 10 minutes at a time before the ball needs a quick moment to recharge.

When the ball is in flight, the colorful LED lights illuminate in beautiful patterns, making this flight even more spectacular. It can glide smoothly through different areas of any space, but it always comes back to the user. It is strong and easy to play with, going up, down, left, right, and everywhere else. It also rolls and hovers.


Purchasing the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

Though there are plenty of products that boast similar features, the only way that consumers can be certain that they get the Aurabi Boomerang Ball is if they go through the official website. Right now, the creators are offering a 50% off discount, which only increases for consumers who make a purchase of multiple balls.

With a retail value of $92.29, customers can buy:

  • 1 Aurabi Boomerang Ball for $59.99
  • 2 Aurabi Boomerang Balls for $119.99
  • 3 Aurabi Boomerang Balls for $134.99
  • 4 Aurabi Boomerang Balls for $164.99

No matter which package is chosen, the user must cover the shipping fees at checkout. This package comes with a money-back guarantee that covers the first 30 days after the purchase was made.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

How do consumers use the Aurabi Boomerang Ball?

Though the technology might be a little intimidating, most users find this ball incredibly easy to use. Once they turn it on, the ball just needs a little shake to be ready to go. As the user gets the hang of this movement, they’ll learn how each throw can impact it.

Is the Aurabi Boomerang Ball durable enough to withstand use by children?

No toy is truly indestructible, but the creators made this flying ball incredibly tough. It can withstand drops, bumps, and other gentle accidents without losing the ability to function.

How big is the Aurabi Boomerang Ball?

As it sits comfortably in the user’s hand, most people say that it reminds them of a baseball that has been increased by a few sizes. However, it isn’t quite as big as a softball, weighing about 26 grams.

How long will the battery in the Aurabi Boomerang Ball last?

A fully charged battery allows users to continually fly the ball for 10 minutes. The website indicates that recharging doesn’t take long, but they are not clear about exactly how long the process takes.

What comes in the box?

In every box, consumers receive the Aurabi Boomerang Ball, a magnet dome, a charging cable, and an instruction manual.

What if the user finds that this remedy is not a good match for their entertainment needs?

If the user contacts the company within 30 days, they can get a refund for their purchase.

The customer service team is available via email at support@aurabiball.com.


The Aurabi Boomerang Ball allows anyone to make magic happen without any skill or effort needed. The ball lights up as it soars through the air, allowing users to manipulate the flight pattern for turns, rolls, hovering, and more. It doesn’t require any preparation beyond a fully charged battery, and it flies around for 10 minutes before the user needs to charge it again.

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