Aberdeen grocer welcomes new UPS Store

Amid growing demand, local grocery chain integrates postal services into grocery store

In a strategic move designed to bring more convenience to their customers, Swanson’s Foods in Aberdeen has introduced a UPS store within its premises at 217 N. Boone St.

Lewis Bumstead, Operations Manager for Swanson’s Foods, sheds light on this recent innovation. “Our aim was to address a growing need within the community for easier access to parcel and postal services, especially for dropping off Amazon packages,” he explains.

Previously, the nearest drop-off was a considerable drive away, approximately 45 minutes to an hour in Olympia. Now, Aberdeen residents can enjoy these services much closer to home.

“For more than 115 years, Swanson’s Foods has sought to offer more than just groceries – we want to genuinely cater to the needs of our patrons,” Bumstead says.

By combining grocery shopping with postal services, the store allows customers to tick multiple errands off their list in one go, saving time and effort.


Swanson’s is a grocery store and community hub that has grown with the people of Hoquiam and Aberdeen since 1905. They offer a wide range of products from fresh produce and meats to bakery goods, all selected for their quality and freshness.

“Our meat department can customize orders while our bakery delights with freshly baked goods daily,” Bumstead adds.

“Integrating UPS services within our store not only meets a logistical need but also enhances our customer service, providing an all-in-one solution to our customers’ shopping needs,” says Bumstead.

Community engagement and support have been pillars of Swanson’s business philosophy. The store has consistently supported local activities and initiatives, fostering a strong bond with residents “The community’s support and trust in us have been overwhelming, and we are deeply grateful for it,” says Bumstead.

For more information, visit swansonsfoods.com.

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