In 1991, NB High School teacher Ken Loomis is ‘Class Act’

75 years ago

Dec. 12, 1941

With telephone usage in Harbor cities much heavier than normal, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company here today reported additional operators on duty to keep the switchboards free of traffic jams.

“Every switchboard position in Aberdeen is being filled most of the time since the outbreak of hostilities Sunday, “J.M. Thomas manager, said. “On Sunday, shortly after the news of the attack on Hawaii reached Aberdeen, operators and technicians, without waiting to be called, began to report for duty. Long distance calls jumped well above the normal volume and local telephone usage was correspondingly heavy.”

50 years ago

Dec. 12, 1966

The Aberdeen World is going along with a survey conducted by the major press services that shows that “Vietnam” as one word, is the most common usage for the name of the Southeast Asian country. The Associated Press and United Press today also are following the single word spelling.

There are three ways to spell the country’s name and none is really wrong. The Saigon government on its postage stamp uses a hyphenated form: Viet-Nam. This is also used by the United Nations.

The two-word form, Viet Nam, is used on many maps including those of the National Geographic Society.

However, Vietnam as one word is most commonly used in reference books. In its favor, also, is the derivative word “Vietnamese” used as both adjective and noun and rarely appearing as two words although it is sometimes hyphenated.

25 years ago

Dec. 12, 1991

Like any proud mom, Jeri Loomis can’t resist telling people what a great son she has.

This Friday, that maternal pride will pay off when her son, North Beach High School teacher Ken Loomis, is featured on Channel 11, KSTW’s 10 o’clock News “Class Act” segment.

The program honors a teacher each week for exceptional performance amd Jeri nominated her son.

The 31-year-old science teacher is modest about winning the award. He said he doesn’t have any special tricks to teaching, except that he loves it.

“I have respect for the kids,” Loomis said. “I’m not here on a power trip.”

In addition to his five minutes of fame, Loomis will get a Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet printer for his use at school.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom