GHC’s 10-Minute Play Fest goes online Saturday

By Kat Bryant

Grays Harbor News Group

Grays Harbor College is staging its annual 10-Minute (or less) Play Festival online this Saturday evening.

Andrew Gaines, head of GHC’s drama department, has been developing four productions for this event since April. The plays were written by Harbor students, community members and others, but all acted by students of his spring Introduction to Acting class as part of their coursework.

Gaines took on most of the technical burden to ensure a smooth presentation of each live performance via a videoconferencing program. He’s been working with the writers and actors to choreograph the plays in a socially distanced manner. Individual actors will be set up to perform remotely, with interactions simulated using split-screens and other methods.

“I hope audiences will be forgiving. It’s an experiment,” Gaines said in April. “I’d rather produce an imperfect festival than nothing at all.”

The four productions are:

• “No Passport, and a Dying Child” by Isaac Evensen

• “The Wandering Pen” by Mercedes J. Denny

• “Family by Numbers” by Arianna Rose

• “Capt. Chrome Dome vs. The Villainess Victor VonVolkoffen” by Gregory E. Zschomler

The GHC student performers are Jenna Cross, Emily Delanoy, Isaac Evensen, Bailie Golding, Colin Meeks and Dakota Roos.

The event will begin Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Viewing is free via web conferencing, but advance registration is required at

Email Gaines any questions about the festival: