Supporting Dick Anderson

Pacific County PUD

I’m supporting Dick Anderson, for Pacific County PUD No. 2, Commissioner No. 3.

Over the past several years I have written many editorial letters questioning and being critical of the decisions made by the majority of our PUD No. 2 commissioners. I joined with many other citizens in Pacific County, including Dick Anderson, who united together to become informed and made our voices heard in a factual and common since manner, about the mismanagement of the PUD.

It became clear to me during this review that the solution for a more common sense management of the PUD is a change in the commissioners leadership. I believe Dick Anderson can accomplish that change by bringing his long time management skills, business experience and common sence to the PUD commissioners. He can work with PUD Commissioner Mike Swanson to implement much needed and more cost effective management disciplines for the PUD, which will have a positive effect on our utility bills. Dick Anderson has been attending PUD meetings for years becoming familiar with the operation, and is endorsed by the PUD electrical workers union. So he will join the the PUD without the need of a lengthy learning curve and knowing Dick Anderson positive changes will be forthcoming very soon.

Ron Craig

South Bend