Grays Harbor needs better baseball programs

Grays Harbor needs better baseball programs

I believe that there should be better baseball programs in Grays Harbor.

Currently the programs are not focused on fundamentals or development to learn how to play baseball. Here is why I think there should be more fundamental and advanced programs for kids.

First it would make playing more fun. It would be competitive, and kids would fall in love with the game. Kids would play because they would have the knowledge and skill to play plus, it’s not fun to strike out, make errors or sit on the bench. They would know the rules and basics of playing ball.

Second it will keep more kids engaged with the sport by giving them opportunities to make it to the Little League World Series.

It would also bring our community together to watch our team thrive in such a big tournament. Who wouldn’t be excited to compete for that?

Lastly, kids would have less time to play video games so people would be living a healthier lifestyle which would lead to them living a longer life. Baseball can help in all aspects of life.

Just like in life baseball has its ups and downs so it can help teach adversity at a young age. That’s why I believe Grays Harbor needs better baseball programs.

Gunner Mondor

Fifth grade

Ocean Shores