Go see ‘Anything Goes’

This production is possibly one of my favorite local plays performed at the Bishop.

“Anything Goes” is another spectacular production by Brad Duffy and crew. If you’ve seen it, I’m certain you’d agree.

This production is possibly one of my favorite local plays performed at the Bishop. I did, regrettably, miss “Mary Poppins” and “Phantom of the Opera.” Both, I heard were smashing.

Here are 10 reasons you should attend this last weekend.

1. The tap dance scene is worth the price of admission — sailors and angels (oh, how angelic — not so much) and tourists …oh, my!

2. Listening to Dan Jackson as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in his English accent, make innocent jokes about American vernacular and then reveal his darkside by shaking his booty to “The Gypsy in Me,” is priceless. Now I know where son Riley Jackson gets his moves (see tap dance scene above).

3. The well-made, stark set, was lit by color-key theory, synced with emotion to sound and performance, especially notable during Erma’s “Buddy Beware” solo.

4. Every time Erma (played by Julayne Fleury) left the stage, you wanted her sassiness back — as did every sailor.

5. Speaking of sailors, they may have fawned ruthlessly over Erma, but as a quartet, they were barbershop as one gets.

6. Keith Kreugar (Moonface Martin) plays a mighty convincing gangster but sings like a bird — OK, well, makes sounds like a bird during the song “Be Like the Blue Bird.”

7. The live orchestra plays big band (and they helped tremendously with the bird sounds).

8. Victoria Stark (Reno Sweeny) can not only sing, dance and tap, she looks great in a sailor costume and every costume for that matter.

9. Gary Morean, as tycoon Elisha Whitney, performs a pretty ridiculously convincing Yale rah, rah, rah! cheer. And wears those coke bottle bottom glasses so well.

10. Keola Holt (debutante Hope Harcourt) finally gets a solo at the end and she lovingly knocks it out of the park with her sweet voice in “Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye.”

OK, I could go on. I haven’t even mentioned Christian Sperline as Billy Crocker (master of disguise) and Patty Sundstrom (Evangeline Harcourt) and her furball dog, but you’ve got to make some of your own list as to why it is so good. It’s a story of mayhem, and ridiculousness, great music, song and dance. You won’t be disappointed. Tickets are available on the Bishop Centre page on the Grays Harbor College website.

Richelle Barger