Igor Kheifets E-Farming Challenge Reviews: Does eFarming Work? Know This First!

Millions of internet users utilize it to earn extra passive or active income. Content writing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing are some of the best methods of refining your financial health.

With the correct training and resources, it is possible to earn extra income. Many programs claim to educate internet users on affiliate marketing. However, many offer little details or ineffective advice.

The List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets is a digital program claiming to help anyone capitalize from email and affiliate marketing. The E-Farming Challenge is marketed as a step-by-step system designed to help you build multiple income streams. Is the online academy worth the hype? Can you benefit from the course?

What is the List Building Lifestyle and E-Farming Challenge?


Igor Kheifets is a self-proclaimed internet guru and a proficient affiliate and email marketer. The List Building Lifestyle show is an educational program to mentor and educate internet users on how to boost their income via email and affiliate marketing.

The E-Farming Challenge, or email farming, is a program by Igor that allows you to send emails to willing recipients designed to market your business. The program requires you to create a roster of all consenting email users, allowing you to send them emails concerning your product or service.

Like affiliate marketing, the E-Farming method aims to help you earn commissions when a purchase is made via your link. Igor Kheifets claims that it is easy to create an email list and yield profits regardless of your expertise in affiliate marketing.

According to the E-Farming guide, Igor suggests creating an email list using multiple methods, including providing free rewards or resources to subscribers, developing landing pages, or using lead magnets.

The List Building Lifestyle online course is also perfect for businesses wanting to succeed and achieve financial freedom without hiccups. The program teaches users practical marketing skills that ensure you grow your customer base. Like similar courses, the List Building Lifestyle helps users send creative and personalized messages to form healthy relationships with current and future clients.

How do you ensure potential customers remain attracted to your messages? The List Building Lifestyle provides learners with email marketing skills to ensure the recipients remain attracted to your business. Igor Kheifets recommends the program for anyone looking to grow financially through digital marketing.

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About Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is a Toronto-based expert in email and affiliate marketing. The internet guru is the founder and CEO of List Building Lifestyle, a company started in 2018. Igor is the author of Amazon’s best-selling List Building Lifestyle: The Confessions of an Email Millionaire. He is also the developer and host of the List Building Lifestyle, which gets notable guests, including Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, John Carlton, and Russell Brunson. Igor Kheifets’ podcast comprises over 145,000 listeners and uploads at least three new episodes weekly.

According to Igor Kheifets, you can use the E-Farming Challenge to make money while you chill, sleep, enjoy the beach, or watch your favorite TV show. The three-step program aids the users to create a sustainable online business regardless of their skills, nature of work, or background.

E-farming is about creating and cultivating a roster of willing email subscribers interested in a particular topic. The List Building Lifestyle steers you to the correct path to ensure you build and own a sustainable e-farming empire.

About the List Building Lifestyle Program?

According to Igor Kheifets, most people working 9-5 jobs have minimal time to gain extra income. The fixed-hour jobs are boring and may not offer the financial freedom you desire. The List Building Lifestyle is an online club that can help you earn quality income passively. The course developer recommends the program for anyone tired of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Utilizing the skills from the List Building Lifestyle can help you earn from anywhere at any time of the day. The program boldly claims you may only have to work five hours weekly as an online marketer.

Igor Kheifets refers to the List Building Lifestyle as an elite community of expert list builders or a “secret society.” Subscribers to the program get full access to the help of successful affiliate marketers and other professional list builders. However, customers lose all the privileges of the secret society” once they fail to renew the subscription.

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What is Inside the E-Farming Course

According to Igor Kheifets, the E-Farming Challenge is marketed for beginner and veteran affiliate salespeople. Marketers can learn proven methods of establishing a profitable email list you can use to promote your services or products. The programs include:

  • Introduction to E-Farming: Igor explains everything about E-farming in the first module. The developer describes the effectiveness of email marketing and its relevance in affiliate promotion. The course also teaches how to find lucrative offers worth promoting. Further, participants learn how to create landing pages to guarantee you capture the details of potential customers for the email register.
  • Buying Solo Ads: Igor teaches participants about purchasing solo ads from individuals with large email lists. E-Farming clients must generate a unique email register to increase leads and attract potential customers. The course provides the learners with specific methods of recommending businesses to their mailing list without appearing too pushy or promotional.
  • Access to Marketing Tools: The program offers multiple tools to streamline E-Farming’s operations. These include page builders and autoresponders that boost your engagement with each email owner.

The E-farming Challenge also educates learners on refunds and customer support. It is vital to ensure you reply to all queries within a day. The refund policy must be clear to participants to prevent inconvenience. The List Building Lifestyle course outline gives customers real-time knowledge and practical assignments.

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How Does E-Farming by Igor Work?

Most email customers hate spam messages. E-farming from List Building Lifestyle developer teaches affiliate marketers to create attractive and informative emails from a list of people who wish to hear from you. Instead of annoying them with spam messages, the roster of willing recipients contains beneficial content they can read and act on.


How Does Igor’s Three-Step System Work?

According to List Building Lifestyle, anyone can use E-farming. It is a straightforward and practical means of penetrating an email roster of email recipients eager to learn from you. Below are the three steps required to create an efficient correspondence list:

Step One: Utilize Solo Ads

The List Building Lifestyle creator warns that you may spend some money to acquire a sustainable email list. Solo ads require you to pay anyone with an extensive email list to send emails endorsing your list.

Step Two: Sign Up for Affiliate Programs

Using affiliate marketing skills, Igor Kheifets suggests signing up for affiliate programs and intensifying your affiliate links in your email campaigns. The List Building Lifestyle maker proposes crafting informative and appealing emails to ensure you captivate many subscribers.

Step Three: Wait

You can watch the commissions start after linking your affiliate links to the email campaigns. With a worthy product or service to promote, you can earn significant passive income in the comfort of your home.

The List Building Lifestyle maker proposes that E-farming is essentially building a database of email owners willing to subscribe to get communication about a business that can benefit them. The entire program is permission-based, and the subscribers do not view the correspondence as spamming.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Farming by Igor Kheifets

Advantages Disadvantages
  • E-farming can benefit businesses by reaching a vast audience
  • Igor markets it as a straightforward and easy-to-use program
  • It can offer recurring income
  • It is semi-passive and ideal for anyone looking to earn extra income
  • E-farming customers get access to a responsive support system
  • The List Building Lifestyle’s E-farming program is risk-free
  • You can use List Building Lifestyle email marketing knowledge to generate income in the comfort of your home.
  • It can boost your affiliate marketing skills.
  • Without proper optimization, there is a risk of the emails ending up in spam folders.
  • The program may offer unpredictable results
  • The initial cost of e-farming can be challenging
  • You must pay for solo ads and other email marketing tools
  • It isn’t easy to provide value to ensure the subscribers remain
  • Privacy issues can complicate the overall e-farming processes.
  • Benefits of E-Farming from the List Building Lifestyle

    • E-Farming can increase your earnings as an affiliate marketer
    • It may help generate many leads
    • It can help make passive income from anywhere and at any time
    • E-farming can help promote your business, making it profitable


    Consumers can buy the E-Farming course through the official website. Igor Kheifets claims the system is affordable, and customers get full access to the entire course without any additional charges or upsells. Igor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Customers can reach out for support at:

    • Email: support@listbuildinglifestyle.com
    • Phone: +1 (530) 456-4094

    Final Word

    The E-Farming program by Kheifets Igor is a digital course ideal for anyone looking to make money via affiliate programs and email marketing. The system offers comprehensive information on growing a practical email register, landing profitable offers, and applying effective marketing approaches. Still, the success of E-farming depends on the users’ efforts and the quality of solo ads.

    Igor Kheifets claims you can gain financial independence and a passive income stream using the three-step system with proper implementation.

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