Letters to the Editor

Time to think about choosing our legislators

Every law, ordinance and regulation that governs my life is implemented almost exclusively by an elected official. I want a say in who speaks for me, so I am supporting candidates with a history of delivering meaningful results.

Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez has a track record of working hard for her Southwest Washington constituents. The list of her accomplishments is long and impressive. Most notably, she has brought $21-plus million of federal funds into the district for 15 community projects. These funds will pay for healthcare improvement, infrastructure for farmers and fishermen, rural public safety equipment, technical/trade education equipment and more.

And, she has successfully worked across the aisle to introduce important legislation that will improve the lives of veterans, children, tradespeople, and seniors. When you vote in the Aug. 6 primary, please choose Marie Gluesenkamp Perez.

Pam Pride


The U.S. shouldn’t pander to Republican Christians

Make America great again!

Our last president ran on that slogan, and look how great America is now.

The Republican Christians now want us all to live according to their beliefs. Teaching the Bible in school? Hell, just send your kids to Christian schools, or why not just to church. What happened to the separation of church and state? Isn’t that in the Constitution?

The U.S. Supreme Court, nothing supreme about it now. Last president’s three appointees, under oath, said they would not change Roe vs. Wade. Surprise, now Republicans brag about getting what they wanted. What a disgrace to the rest of the country. Don’t cram your beliefs down my throat.

The fathers of our Constitution are rolling over in their graves, watching what is going on with the new interpretation of the Constitution. No logical common sense at all.

If Donald Trump is re-elected as president, in my opinion, the rest of us need to buy all the lead we can. Who in their right mind wants to be run by a religious state. Haven’t history and the Middle East taught us anything?

First Amendment rights?

Lonnie Yucha