WSP to have emphasis patrol for secure loads

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) will participate in the National Secure Your Load Day on June 7.

During the day, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers (CVEOs) and troopers will conducttraffic stops and inspections on vehicles to ensure that all cargo is safely secured. Both officers and troopers will educate the public about the importance of securing loads properly.

The Secure Your Load Day started in 2004 here in the Northwest when a driver was blinded and nearly killed after being struck by an unsecured piece of particle board that flew out of a trailer on Interstate 405.

Driving with an unsecured load is against the law and extremely dangerous, authorities said.

Tips when securing your load

• Tie it down with rope, netting or straps.

• Consider covering the entire load with a sturdy tarp or netting.

• Don’t overload your vehicle or trailer.

Check to make sure the • load is secured at the back, sides and top.

• Ask yourself, ‘Would I feel safe if I were driving behind my vehicle?’ ]

If you see debris in the roadway, Do not stop to remove it from the roadway. Please call 911 and advise the location of debris.

In 2019, the WSP investigated 154 collisions caused by unsecured vehicle loads and contacted 7,386 motorists for failing to secure their vehicles’ load. Nationally in 2019, there were 739 deaths, 17,367 injuries and 89,915 property damage crashes caused by unsecured loads and road debris. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration provided the figures.