UPDATE: Democrat Frasier concedes 19th District State Rep race to incumbent Republican Walsh


Challenger Erin Frasier, a Democrat, has conceded the 19th District Pos. 1 State Representative election between herself and incumbent Republican James Walsh.

“Although we came close, the recent ballot returns didn’t go our way,” wrote Frasier on her Facebook page late Tuesday. “This was a hard fought campaign I am incredibly proud of, but I’m afraid we aren’t going to get the result we were hoping for.”

Her announcement came after Cowlitz County processed about 300 votes Tuesday. The district wide counts Tuesday evening showed Walsh holding 50.46 percent of the vote, 28,210-27,696.

“I got into this race close to a year ago because of my commitment to investing in the hardworking people that make our region so special,” said Frasier. “After speaking to thousands of families from Longview to Aberdeen, and everywhere in between, I am more committed than ever to our communities.”

Walsh took to his Facebook page shortly after Frasier’s post, writing, “Thank you, Erin, for stepping up and standing for public office. It’s an intense process. And the health of our republic is measured by spirited campaigns.”

Frasier, of Pe Ell, leads in Grays Harbor County 51.84 percent, 6,620-6,151 and in Pacific County with 53.08 percent, 5,621-4,968. Walsh took Lewis County with 68.66 percent of the vote, 2,268-1,035, and Wahkiakum County with 56.65 percent of the vote, 1,358-1,043. Walsh’s lead in Cowlitz County fell to 50.16 percent, 13,465-13,377, with about 200 ballots left to count.

Grays Harbor County elections supervisor Scott Turnbull said a recount would be triggered if the two candidates are separated by 1/2 of 1 percent of the total votes. As of Tuesday the district wide vote is a little less than one percent in Walsh’s favor and a recount is unlikely to be required to certify the election Nov 27.