Veterans Day tribute section

Today The Daily World has a special section, 56-page, all-color insert honoring Veterans Day — Nov. 11 — and all who served.

The report includes a story by The Daily World reporter Michael S. Lockett, a former Marine veteran himself. In “Remembering the Forgotten War: Chosin veteran recalls Korea,” Lockett details the story of Irvin Stephens, who survived the brutal Battle of the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean war. It starts on page 5.

The insert includes several stories and vignettes on local veterans submitted by family and friends that are fascinating. The front page cover leads into a story by Aberdeen’s Bob Bowerman, the namesake of Bowerman Airfield.

Bowerman’s story is compelling in that he was a local pilot who through his aggressive promotion of aviation in the area, in his memory, following his death in the Korean conflict, Moon Island Airport was renamed after him in 1953.

As aircraft commander of a giant B-29 named “The City of Aberdeen, Wash.,” he completed 30 bombing missions over Japan before the end of the fighting that August.

The ordeals these soldiers went through harkens back to a different time and place where life was sometimes cruel, and almost always interesting.

Included in the section are various stories recounting soldiers then and now. It even includes a Veterans Day speech by President Ronald Reagan.

The Daily World staff put time and effort into this section. We hope you enjoy it.

Finally, the heart of the entire report are the many local veterans photographs displayed throughout.