Two dead by gunshot; police investigating

The deaths occurred early Wednesday morning

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a man and woman early Wednesday by gunshot near Fern Lane, off of Wynoochee Valley Road north of Montesano.

The 911 call from a resident in the area came at 12:05 a.m., said Undersheriff Kevin Schrader in an interview.

“A party in the neighborhood heard voices and then gunshots,” Schrader said. “We arrived on scene about 10 minutes after the initial call.”

The first deputy to arrive on scene saw two vehicles, an SUV and a pickup truck, Schrader said. Investigating the first vehicle, the deputy found a woman dead from a gunshot wound, Schrader said, before pulling back to await reinforcements.

“He backs out because he doesn’t know where the suspect is. We formed a team and safely approached the vehicles,” Schrader said. “A drone from the Aberdeen Police Department was able to assist in making sure the scene was safe as officers approached the scene.”

As they approached the second vehicle, they found a second victim, a man also dead from gunshot wound, Schrader said.

Additional support arrived from the Montesano Police Department and Washington State Patrol, Schrader said. The county coroner’s office took the bodies, Schrader said. One firearm, a handgun, was located at the scene. While the investigation is ongoing, the sheriff’s office is not searching for other suspects, Schrader said.

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