Thumbs up on Twin Harbors clam dig

Thumbs down at Kalaloch

The Department of Fish &Wildlife has approved a week of razor clam digging beginning today.

Twin Harbors was not originally on the list of potential digs, but consistent low toxin levels allowed for this opener, according to state shellfish manager Dan Ayres.

“Toxin levels at Twin Harbors are consistently meeting state public health standards, allowing us to add the beach to this dig,” Ayres said. “We’ll likely announce additional tentative dates for Twin Harbors in the near future.”

Kalaloch was on the list of potential openers but the most current test digs didn’t produce enough clams to provide an adequate toxin level. The department plans to conduct an abundance survey at the next opportunity to determine whether there are sufficient clams at Kalaloch to proceed with digs tentatively scheduled later this month and in April, Ayres said.

“We’re not sure what’s happening with clams at Kalaloch,” he said. “There were plenty of clams on the beach when we surveyed before the season began. However, we’ve seen a decline in clam numbers since then.”

Unfortunately, after a promising toxin reading just a few days ago, the test dig Wednesday revealed domoic acid levels too high to allow for a dig at Long Beach.

Mocrocks and Copalis beaches won’t be open on the same days, Ayres said. Shellfish managers have been alternating open dates between the two beaches to maximize the number of days available this season. The department has added new maps of Mocrocks and Copalis to help diggers distinguish between the two beaches. Those maps can be found on WDFW’s razor clam web page. Copalis beach includes Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and Copalis areas while Mocrocks includes Iron Springs, Roosevelt Beach, Seabrook, Pacific Beach and Moclips.

The razor clam dig schedule is as follows:

• March 7, 2:33 p.m.; 0.5 feet; Twin Harbors

• March 8, 3:35 p.m.; 0.1 feet; Twin Harbors

• March 9, 4:28 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

• March 10, 5:13 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

• March 11, 5:54 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

• March 12, 7:31 p.m.; -0.1 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

• March 13, 8:06 p.m.; 0.3 feet; Twin Harbors