Sheriffs investigating Oakville shooting incident

The reason for the alleged shooting is unclear

The Grays Harbor Sheriffs Office is investigating a shooting incident that occurred before Christmas near Oakville.

“On the 23rd at about 6.30 p.m., we were dispatched to a shooting on Elma Gate Road West,” said Undersheriff Kevin Schrader in a phone interview. “It’s a rock pit owned by (the Department of Natural Resources) that people will go out and often shoot their firearms.”

The victim was there shooting, Schrader said, when an another car allegedly arrived.

“So basically he goes there to shoot his firearm. He notices a car kind of pull into the put and make a U-turn,” Schrader said. “He notices there’s three people in the car, and it’s driven by a white male.”

The driver of the vehicle, a red or brown Honda sedan, contacted the victim, Schrader said.

“The driver asks him for a cigarette, and he tells him he doesn’t smoke,” Schrader said. “The driver of the vehicle points a gun at the victim and fired a round in his direction. Our victim, in his defense, fires 5-6 rounds back at the subject.”

The victim was unsure if he hit anyone, Schrader said.

“We checked local hospitals seeing if anyone came in as a shooting victim,” Schrader said. “We have not received any reports about that.”

Schrader said the explanation or the individuals behind the shooting are uncertain; with no one else present for the event, the sheriff’s office is searching that area for possible witnesses or surveillance footage.

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