Prostitution emphasis patrols net 16 arrests in downtown Aberdeen

  • Mon Feb 24th, 2020 4:30pm
  • News

Recent prostitution emphasis patrols by the Aberdeen Police Department netted 16 arrests in downtown Aberdeen on charges of prostitution and solicitation, according to Aberdeen Police Lt. Dale Green.

“This is something that is always on our radar, and we had the manpower to pull it off with minimal expense,” said Green. Those arrested for prostitution and solicitation face misdemeanor charges and were released within hours of their arrest. Most of those arrested were locals, said Green, and each will have a court hearing in a week or so.

Two separate patrols were conducted, using both female and male undercover officers. Green said the focus of the patrols was on individuals who promoted and solicited prostitution: 14 of those arrested were busted for solicitation of a prostitute, and two women were arrested for prostitution. All were cited in Aberdeen Municipal Court, while one subject was also charged with a felony for possession of illegal drugs.

These recent patrols were conducted with assistance from the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force.

This isn’t the first such patrol targeting prostitution in downtown. Green said the last one was about three years ago, and more are planned, but of course would not give details as to when or where.

“The Aberdeen Police Department is strongly committed to making our downtown business community safe for visitors and residents,” said Green. “We will be conducting more emphasis patrols in the coming months to accomplish this mission.”