Phil Slep talks about what put him in the Pluto costume

Phil Slep will talk this Saturday about what got him to do a job that has turned into a lifelong passion — entertaining people.

Slep, known as “Fill”, who guided the Talk, Walk and Ride Nirvana tours in Aberdeen this summer, will speak about his own life for a change. It’s a layered story and he can’t wait to share it.

Slep, who dressed full-time as the Disney character Pluto at Disneyland from 1971-1984, will speak about how he got the gig. His “Phil Talk” is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Saturday inside the alcove at Aberdeen Art Center — 200 W. Market. The talk is part of The Friends of the Aberdeen Museum’s lecture series, according to a note Slep provided.

“A two-part adventure of the long, glorious career with Disney,” the note stated. “Special thank you to Doug (Orr) and David for giving space in the art gallery for the event.”

Part two is not yet scheduled. But Slep, always an entertainer, was exploding with more detail that will not be shared here because they’d spoil his talks. The talks, free of charge, are chock-full of energy and detail that only he can provide.

“This one will be an hour-and-a-half,” Slep said about the duration of Saturday’s talk. “I can’t get it all in one thing.”

Through Saturday’s talk, Slep will delve into how his family moved more than 2,000 miles from Chicago to Manhattan Beach, California, when he was in eighth grade. He’ll talk about how that timing was most unfortunate for him.

But the good thing for Slep, is while his younger self saw it as a bummer to miss out on what he was supposed to experience in Illinois, it turned out to be a “life-changing experience,” that got him to audition at Disneyland.

For more information, visit “The Friends of the Aberdeen Museum” Facebook page.

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