One critically injured, one arrested in Aberdeen hit and run

The driver attempted to evade arrest

A car struck a pedestrian Tuesday afternoon in downtown Aberdeen and attempted to evade law enforcement before being pulled over.

The pedestrian was in critical condition at Harbor Regional Health at their last update, said Aberdeen Police Department Cmdr. Steve Timmons.

“We had a call for a vehicle versus pedestrian collision at 1st and Broadway,” Timmons said in an interview. “The victim is in critical condition.”

The victim was still conversant, talking with officers as they arrived to provide aid, and was transported to Harbor Regional Health, Timmons said. Other officers pursued the vehicle, which had fled the scene, followed by a witness.

“The witness actually followed the vehicle and was giving updates to dispatch,” Timmons said. “He was obviously trying to get away. It was pretty apparent he was trying to get out of the area.”

Police located and arrested the driver, 63-year-old Aberdeen resident Dario Tobar Abarca, who is currently being held at the city jail. Abarca was arrested without issue, Timmons said; drugs or alcohol do not appear to have been a factor at this time.

“We were fortunate. We never encourage people to follow and chase after suspects,” Timmons said. “But this witness, they did follow the vehicle, and we do appreciate it.”

Leaving the scene of a crash escalates the matter from a civil one into a criminal issue, Timmons said; Abarca is currently held for felony hit-and-run.

“Never leave the scene of a collision. No matter how minor or serious,” Timmons said. “Make sure you stop, report it.”

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