Ocean Shores police investigating new string of mail thefts

It’s unclear if it’s connected to a similar pattern last month

The Ocean Shores Police Department is investigating another string of possible mail thefts from residential mailboxes, weeks after an arrest was made around the holidays for a similar string of crimes.

It’s unsure if the two events are connected, said Officer Matt Papac of the OSPD, who’s investigating the case. In the most recent incident, about 65 mailboxes had apparently been tampered with, according to a police social media post.

“We’ve already had a previous incident regarding this where we apprehended someone in the act,” Papac said. “However, it’s continuing on now.”

While porch piracy and other mail theft around the holidays isn’t uncommon, it’s a little more unusual to see it during regular parts of the year, Papac said.

“I think they’re looking more for packages, items they could turn around a trade. That’s pure speculation,” Papac said. “Any number of things could happen. Debit cards and Social Security cards are the two things that could be a huge danger.”

Residents with surveillance devices, such as door cameras, are asked to contact the department while those concerned with the possibility of mail theft have several options, Papac said, the simplest among them being actively checking the mail each day.

“They could also be looking into trying to get a Post Office box instead of delivery at their home,” Papac said.

While the initial reports came in on the morning of Jan. 30, Papac says the department’s feeling is that it’s an ongoing problem.

“It’s kind of hard to tell when people report things. They only report it when they notice,” Papac said. “We suspect that it’s still happening.”

Anyone with footage of suspicious activity or vehicles from the evening of the 29th or the morning of the 30th is asked to contact the OSPD at 360-289-3331 or email at abalagot@osgov.com.

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