New storage facility opening in Elma

Allen Leister

The Daily World

The acquisition of materialistic possessions has been a part of humanity for as long as can be remembered. People pride themselves on the items they own but face issues when they don’t have the room to store them. For the citizens of Elma and East Grays Harbor County as a whole, that problem can soon be solved.

Diamond RV & Heated Storage is set to be completed soon on the outskirts of Elma. According to Joe Chrystal, who serves on the staff of the Elma City Council, the facility will be completed “in a matter of weeks.”

This comes as construction crews are putting decals up around the facility. The storage unit will be the biggest in the East County region of Grays Harbor and will provide Elma residents with proper storage options. The project has been in the works for the last two years. Ground was broken to begin construction on June 1, 2021, at 60 Schouweiler Tract Road West in Elma.

The structure will offer a range of RV storage options from covered units, enclosed units, as well as self-storage units that range from 25 square feet to 200 square feet. Tim Martin, who is one of the owners of the Diamond RV & Heated Storage building, says while construction is still in its final phases, they’ve already began reserving units to local individuals.

“While the site won’t be fully completed until June 30, we’ve started to reserve self-storage units for the last two weeks,” Martin said via phone. “We’re really happy to see people already reserve units given that the community at large did not have adequate storage prior to our arrival.”

Martin explained further in detail that the only part of the site still under construction is the covered RV units and that the building deadline of June 30 doesn’t mean it couldn’t be completed sooner. He also says the facility will have security measures to ensure that everyone feels comfortable storing their possessions.

“We invested in several advanced security measures, including a 24-hour surveillance system with HD cameras throughout the property, fencing, as well as access through our gate and doors is via a personal pin code,” Martin explained

As for the cost of the project to build Diamond RV Heating & Storage, Martin did not wish to disclose the total amount, however, was adamant to say the company is private and required no funds from taxpayers. Martin, who also owns the Harbor Pacific building next door, says there will also be plans this summer to build a dog park between the two buildings for people in the community to enjoy.

For people who are looking for more information or to reserve a storage unit at Diamond RV & Heated Storage, check out their website or call 360-482-4444.