Man found dead in Aberdeen identiifed

The cause of death is not yet known

A man found dead in downtown Aberdeen on Friday morning has been identified.

Riylee Grimnes, 25, was found by a resident who called 911, reporting that someone was down on the sidewalk early Friday morning, said County Coroner George Kelley.

The fact that it was an unattended death means the coroner’s office is investigating to find out what happened, Kelley said in an interview.

“That’s not something that’s happening everyday, fortunately,” Kelley said.

After police and firefighters arrived at the scene, verifying that Grimnes was dead, the coroner’s office took over, seeking to discern his identity, and to contact his next of kin, Kelley said.

“He was found without any identification. It took some time to identify him,” Kelley said. “Fortunately we were able to use his tattoos to lead us down the road.”

Grimnes, who was from the Olympia area, was identified and next of kin contacted that day, Kelley said. The investigation is proceeding this week.

“We continue on with our autopsy so we can determine the correct cause and manner of death,” Kelley said. “Examination is being conducted today. Generally, we’ll always do toxicology. We’ll have to wait for that.”

Getting the toxicology reports back takes some time, Kelley said, generally about six to eight weeks.

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