Jordan Bowers to face trial for identity theft

Decision comes as state prosecutors and Bowers’ defense attorney were unable to reach plea agreement

After four hearings in a span of 17 days, Jordan Bowers, a prime suspect and the biological mother of missing 6-year-old Oakley Carlson, will face trial on multiple counts of first-degree and second-degree identity theft.

Despite being given the maximum amount of time to avoid the impending trial by Katherine Svoboda, the presiding judge in the case, state prosecutors and Bowers’ defense attorney, Michael Nagle, could not find common ground on a plea agreement. As a result, both sides confirmed to Judge Svoboda they were ready to proceed with the trial.

Prosecuting Attorney Richard Petersen, who appeared via Zoom for the hearing, previously told The Daily World that he was confident if the matter reached trial, citing a belief that the state has a strong case to convict.

With a plea offer off the table, Bowers, who has been held in custody at Grays Harbor County Jail since January, faces the possibility of being sentenced to a range of six to eight years in prison if convicted. While Petersen suggested that a longer prison sentence of 10 years could happen if several factors are considered, both sentencing possibilities would be substantially longer than if the proposed plea of 70 months in prison was accepted by Bowers.

Although normal court proceedings have a trial readiness hearing the week before the trial, Judge Svoboda declined against that given the proximity of the previously scheduled trial.

“Trial readiness was set for Monday, April 24. I’m going to strike that. This is going to be the trial readiness. If there are any issues, they will need to be dealt with by written motion,” Judge Svoboda said.

The trial will commence at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 2, and conclude on Friday, May 5. It’s expected that Bowers will reside in the courtroom during the entirety of the trial.

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