Jordan Bowers’ omnibus agreement postponed again

No current indication that delays will push back scheduled trial date of March 21

For the second week in a row the omnibus agreement for Jordan Bowers, the biological mother and prime suspect in the disappearance of 6-year-old Oakley Carlson, has been postponed.

Bowers, who is currently being held in Grays Harbor County Jail on multiple charges of identity theft, was originally scheduled to have her omnibus agreement on Feb. 21 but was postponed a week due to a request by the prosecuting attorney, Richard Petersen, after he learned that a fifth victim in Bowers’ fraud scheme had come forward.

Although the second omnibus hearing for Bowers, which took place on Monday, Feb. 27, lasted a mere 25 seconds, both Petersen and Michael Nagle, who is serving as Bowers’ defense attorney, confirmed to the presiding judge, David Mistachkin, that they would have an agreed omnibus order ready to present in one week.

With a new omnibus hearing set for 8 a.m. on March 6, it remains unclear if the delays will affect the already scheduled dates regarding Bowers’ trial readiness hearing, which is slated on March 13, or the trial itself, which is set to commence on March 21.

According to court documents, Bowers could face anywhere between 63 to 84 months in prison if found guilty of defrauding multiple individuals. She is alleged to have stolen more than $50,000. Prosecutors have remained adamant that the case has zero ties to the disappearance of Oakley.

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