Hospital hoping for first doses next week

Medical personnel, long-term care facilities will be first

Freezers capable of storing the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at ultra-cold temperatures were being installed at Grays Harbor Community Hospital on Monday and the first doses for the county could begin arriving next week, said Christopher Majors, spokesman for the hospital.

“We have an indication from the state that we will be receiving the first doses as early as next week. That’s not confirmed, but our preliminary indication is that it will be next week,” he said Monday.

“Those vaccinated in the first round will be those in direct contact with COVID patients, so (for instance) nurses in the intensive care units and first responders who are the most likely to pick up a potential COVID patient,” Majors said. It’s not clear how long that will take. “The hope is that we can have 1A generally completed within the first couple weeks of the year, but it really depends on how much we get and have no control over the allocations.”

As for widespread vaccinations, “we expect that it will be quite some time before we get enough doses that the general public will be able to receive some. The first allocation is pretty limited. However, they do expect it to ramp up as time goes on and the state may receive as many as 200,000 per week.”

Majors said the hospital is working closely with the county. The hospital has prepared a web page for vaccination information: